How to know the type of face you have?

It is important to know the type of face to choose the best haircut, since that way you will be more favored. The faces have a great variety of morphologies, depending on yours you must cut your hair in one way or another. You will be able to know your type of face with these simple techniques and examples and always choose the haircut and hairstyle that best suits you.

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How to know the type of face you have?

To know the type of face you have, I recommend that you stand in front of the mirror and tie your hair back, if you have it long, and analyze it in front of the mirror.

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We are going to see how you can measure your face, in order to know what type of factions you have and from here, you will be able to find out what type of haircut or hairstyle is most flattering for you.

How to measure the face

Point 1: Measure the forehead

To know the type of face you have, you must begin to measure the forehead, for this, as you can see in the photograph, we place the meter at one end and stretch to the other. We write down the measure.

Point 2: Measure the cheekbones

Next it is time to measure the upper part of the cheekbones. Reposition the end of the tape at the outer corner of the eye. This will be the starting point and then very carefully place the tape in a straight line across the bridge of the nose to the outer corner of the other eye. We write down the measurement of the cheekbones.

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Point 3: Measure the jaw

To measure the jaw you must put the tape on one side of it, at its base near the ear, and we place the tape until we reach the middle of the chin. We write down the measurement of the jaw.

Make sure that the tape goes from the center point of the chin to touch the ear. You don’t have to measure further.

Item 4: Measure the length of the face

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Now it is time to measure the length of the face and for this you are going to use the exact point where your hair begins as a reference. Once the starting point is known, you must extend the tape all over the face, passing over the nose to the other end. Aim measurement.

Point 5: Measure nose and chin

To finish, you have to measure the part of the length of your face, for this you are going to measure from the tip of the nose to the tip of the chin, writing down the result.

Men’s face types

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Rounded face

If the length of the length of your face (fourth point) is less than or equal to the width of your face (second point) then your face is rounded.

This type of face tends to give many men a complex because they confuse it with the fact of being the type of face of a person who is above their weight, when it is not. There are men who have a normal complexion and even thin but with a round face.

If you want to be able to hide that roundness, it is best that you bet on cuts that are not too exaggerated and I would even advise you to try wearing bangs.

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We recommend that you wear a haircut that is neither too long nor too short. Above all, avoid shaving because it makes your face much rounder.

Oval face

If the length of your face (fourth point) is greater, approximately 1 or 2 cm, than the width of your face (second point) it means that you have a balanced face, that is, an oval face.

This is a type of face that is considered the ideal type of face since it is almost elongated and rounded in equal parts, with the chin and forehead slightly protruding. The face of Supernatural actor Jensen Ackles.

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As for recommended hairstyles for this type of face, in principle they will all look good on you, although the “undercut” style with the central part with more hair can be a great option.

Of course, it is better to avoid bangs or locks that could cover the forehead and make your head look rounder.

Long face

If the measurement of the part of the face (point 5) is greater than 1/3 of the total length of the face (point 4), you will have an elongated face like that of the model Jon Kortajarena.

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This type of face is characterized by making the features elongated and, unlike a rounded face, it can make men believe that they do not have a face that stands out.

Not at all, since thanks to this type of face, you will be able to get a lot out of hairstyles that are somewhat longer, with which you will look much more attractive. Also bet on hairstyles that reach the shoulders.

Toupees and crests are a type of hairstyle that greatly favors men with this type of face, although it is important to avoid cutting the hair too short on the sides, especially if there is a difference with the rest. We would run the risk of unduly prolonging the face.

The length of the cut, in fact, is not so essential. It can be either short, medium or long, as long as there is uniformity throughout.

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Beards will look good on you, too, as long as you trim them so they serve to frame your features, not make them look longer.

Heart face

If your face is much wider at the cheekbones (point 2) than the forehead (first point) and the measurement of the jaw (point 3) is smaller than the width of your face (second point), then you will have a heart face like the one Taylor Lautner has.

There is also an inverted heart face that consists of having the measurement of the forehead (point 1) wider than the measurement of the cheekbones (point 2) and this ends up being wider than the measurement of the jaw (third point ).

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In this type of face, the forehead is wider than the jaws and forms an inverted triangle. It is a face that is considered harmonious so that the best cut that we can recommend is the one that has volume on the part of the forehead, thus it will hide it and balance with the rest of the face. On the other hand, it is better to avoid very short hair if you don’t want to exaggerate your chin or make your features too pronounced.

Square face

If the measurement of the width of the face (second point) is equal to or quite similar to the length of the face (4th point) and the measurement of the forehead (first point) is also similar to the measurement of the width (second point); you have a square face like Smallville actor Tom Welling.

This type of face is considered very masculine since it has marked cheekbone features, so many men would love to have this type of face, which tends to look great with very short cuts, although with them you’re going to mark the factions a lot more.

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If, on the other hand, what you want is to soften them, the best option will be to bet on the volume and choose a cut that has a greater amount of hair in the central part of the head.

On the other hand, it is better to avoid flashy haircuts, in fact it is advisable to emphasize your masculine features a lot more, perhaps with a shaved or shaved haircut, but if you don’t like short hair, it could be good for a somewhat medium cut or a long cut, possibly with the hair falling asymmetrically, but not covering the forehead.

Triangular face

This face type has a shape called the “inverted triangle” characterized by a long chin (Ryan Gosling is a classic example) and sometimes a narrower front.

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For this type of face, it is better to try a hairstyle that creates volume in the forehead and ears. This would actually be an excellent idea, making sure you try to reduce any disparity between the forehead and jaw.

You should also choose all those cuts that look natural and soft, perhaps betting on bangs that fall on the forehead, but always with some volume and avoiding above all shaved heads and cuts that are very asymmetrical.

Diamond Face

The particular shape of a diamond face is determined, and is characterized by having a significant jaw and chin something that happens to singer Pete Wentz. For some it is the perfect shape, next to the square one since it marks more the masculine features.

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With this face shape, which is pronounced both in width and height, it is not necessary to try to reduce or mask certain areas, because there is a basic balance that allows greater freedom.

In this way, you can choose a short and elegant cut in order to emphasize the importance of your face, but remember that you can choose any type of hairstyle, even long and bangs.

In particular, the most classic hairstyles will suit you very well, such as the side hairstyle, and of course, the short hair style on the sides and something more raised in the central part.

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Rectangular face

If you have a rectangular face, as actor Josh Duhammel does, your face is characterized by having a relatively similar size of forehead, cheekbones, and jawline, however, the face is longer than it is wide.

The best thing you can do to get the best haircut for your type of face is to let your hair grow longer in the central area and lower the sides. In this way you create a volume effect that allows you to make the face look not so long.

On the other hand, the “spiky” type cuts with the raised central part will also favor you, in the same way that you comb your hair to the side. Also beards, although not too thick, will favor you.

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What is the most attractive face for men

It cannot be said that only one type of face is beautiful for women. The diversity of traits among people makes the combinations almost endless.

There are many theories about what we find beautiful and what is not. For example, according to a study published in the Royal Society Open Science, the key to whether a man is attractive or not is in the proportion, but not in the face, but in the rest of the body.

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The work analyzed the ratings of 800 American women between the ages of 17 and 79, who rated their bodies and faces using dozens of computer-generated numbers from a combination of 9,000 body features.

The main conclusion was that most found men whose legs were half the length of their subjects to be particularly attractive. If you want to be more attractive to a woman, do it.

But gravity is not just physical. There are also some traits that all men can aspire to.

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The American portal has compiled a series of recent scientific surveys on the attraction between men and women and the result is a list of very interesting tips.

Some of the key traits include mature appearance (a category where financial independence is diminished), compatibility, beard, strong (but not excessive) body, sense of humor, and sense of humor.

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Can talk about feelings, smell good, pay attention to body language, be positive and supportive.

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