How to know if a girl likes you – The best signs

Will she really like me or is it my imagination? Is she attracted to me or does she really get over my face? When we like a person, but we have not yet taken the step, doubts and insecurities assail us. But calm down. There are some signs, clues or messages that can indicate that a girl likes you. Although sometimes they are not the most obvious. Next in fashion them, we tell you how to know if a girl likes you.

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The look does not deceive

Some say that you can tell if a person likes you by the dilation of the pupils. But this doesn’t have to work, as it can depend on light, for example. On the other hand, there are other gestures in the look that do not usually deceive. For example, when she looks for us with her eyes, or when she is looking at us if we turn to look at her, or if she finds it difficult to keep our eyes when the conversation is more “close”. In addition, the mood reflected is a more radiant, brighter look. And remember, she could X-ray you with one look.

Play with hair

Playing with hair is just one of the many gestures that women can make as a “courtship” or as a sign that a boy likes them. He usually does it for different purposes. On the one hand, sending pheromones to the man through the movement of the hair. On the other, showing her neck, another of the symbols that a girl usually likes. The problem is that many times they move, smooth and shake their hair non-stop, so (unless they do it in a sensual or provocative way) it is sometimes difficult to pick up on these signals.

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Shows the neck

As we have mentioned before, women tend to lean their heads forward or tilt them to show their necks, one of the most sensual parts of the body for them. This can also come together with another series of signals, such as touching one’s own neck, biting and moistening one’s lips, etc.

Body position

The body position also says a lot about the attitude that a girl has before us. If she is with her legs together and rigid and her arms crossed, it is most likely that we will not arouse any interest in her. On the other hand, there are other signs that may indicate the opposite, for example if they have their legs apart, tilt their hips, step on their toes and turn their ankles, etc. It is also common that when they are sitting next to us, they cross the farthest leg over the other, to better see their thigh. These are just some indications of how his body position can indicate that he likes us.

Spontaneous good mood

A pretty reliable sign that a girl likes us can be that she laughs with us very easily. We do not mean that she laughs because we are funny, or that she is giggly. But with us he laughs more easily than with the others. We could tell the worst joke in the world that will make her giggle. Also, she is usually especially friendly and willing to talk to us when we talk to her.

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Does not shy away from physical contact

Another of the signs that can indicate that a girl is attracted to us is that she does not shy away from physical contact, and even seeks it. For example, when we barely know a girl, or we are beginning to know her, and in an involuntary movement she touches our arm or hand. It’s a way of showing closeness, like saying “I’m here and I want you to know it”.

Remember the details

One of the things that usually happens with girls who are attracted to someone is that they know a lot about that person. The girl who likes you probably knows a lot more about you than you do about her. Because he has observed you, he has listened to other people’s conversations, and above all he remembers everything that you have told him. Even the smallest or stupidest details have stuck with him. Sometimes those memories are sent in the form of signals, for example if it reminds you of a time when you did something together.

Too many matches

You are walking through the corridors of the institute or university and you see her standing there, avoiding your eyes and hiding with her friends. You are in a disco with friends (where you have never seen her before) and you see her there again, not far from you and as if alert to see if you greet her. Suddenly, you don’t really know why, it seems to be involved in your day to day. You see her more often than before, in places you didn’t see her before. It could be something fortuitous or casual, yes. But chances are, that girl has been looking for you to find her, as well as by chance.

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The clues of the friends

Sometimes the signals don’t come directly from the girl who likes you, but from her friends. Do they laugh when you walk past her and she hides it? Have they told you any hint or have they asked you about it? Well, let’s see Don Juan, why do you think they do it? In many cases she is not going to dare to take that first step directly, so she will use her friends as emissaries. And if it’s had to get to this point, man, I’m sorry but we have to tell you that you haven’t picked up any of the above signals.

Of course, all these signals are not infallible. Girls are a whole world, and each one is a world unto itself, so we have to be sharp. Some may use very overt signals of physical attraction, while others send very hidden or almost imperceptible signals. So the best thing is, if you like him and you think he likes you, be brave. Love could be waiting for you.

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