How To Increase Beard Growth Home Remedies


Growing a beard can be a daunting task for many men. The process can take weeks or even months before you begin to see results. Thankfully, there are a few home remedies that can help increase beard growth and make the process easier. In this article, we will explore seven tips on how to increase beard growth using home remedies.

Tip 1: Increase Your Vitamin and Mineral Intake

One way to increase beard growth is to make sure you are getting enough vitamins and minerals in your diet. Vitamins like Biotin, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and Zinc are essential for healthy hair growth. Eating a balanced diet that includes plenty of fruits, vegetables, and lean proteins can help ensure your body is getting the necessary nutrients to promote healthy beard growth.

Tip 2: Use Natural Oils

Using natural oils on your beard can help moisturize and nourish the hair follicles. Coconut, jojoba, and argan oil are all excellent choices for beard care. Applying a few drops of oil to your beard a few times a week can help keep it soft and healthy.

Tip 3: Exfoliate Your Skin

Exfoliating your skin can help remove dead skin cells and promote healthy hair growth. You can use a gentle scrub or brush to exfoliate your skin. This will help remove dirt and oil buildup that can block hair follicles and prevent hair growth.

Tip 4: Avoid Harsh Chemicals

Using harsh chemicals on your beard can damage the hair follicles and make it harder for your beard to grow. Avoid using products that contain sulfates or parabens. Stick to natural products that are specifically formulated for beard care.

Tip 5: Get Enough Sleep

Getting enough sleep is essential for healthy hair growth. Aim to get at least 8 hours of sleep each night as this will help your body produce the hormones necessary for healthy hair growth.

Tip 6: Reduce Stress

Stress can have a negative impact on your hair growth. Try to reduce stress in your life by taking time to relax and unwind. Exercise, meditation, and yoga are all great ways to reduce stress and promote healthy hair growth.

Tip 7: Massage Your Face

Massaging your face can help increase circulation and promote healthy hair growth. Gently massage your face in circular motions for a few minutes each day. This will help stimulate the hair follicles and encourage them to produce more hair.


Growing a beard can be a difficult process, but there are a few home remedies that can help. Increasing your vitamin and mineral intake, using natural oils, exfoliating your skin, avoiding harsh chemicals, getting enough sleep, reducing stress, and massaging your face are all great ways to increase beard growth. With a little patience and perseverance, you can achieve the full, healthy beard you desire.

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