How to dress up as Donald Trump step by step on Halloween 2022

On Halloween, the fashion of dressing up only as characters from the world of Terror is a thing of the past, nowadays people dress up as any type of character. In recent years, people dress up as historical characters, movies or even the best-known comic book superheroes, but not only those, but real people who are very important in our society. One of those people is the President of the United States of America, the well-known businessman Donald Trump.

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The current president of the United States has always been a recognized character in North American culture because he was an outgoing businessman and has appeared numerous times on television, in programs as well-known and important as WWE, in series like The Prince of Bel-Aair or even in movies like Ali-G or Zoolander, getting to receive the Razzie award for his lousy performance.

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As an entrepreneur, there is no doubt, he is a genius. Donald Trump owns from numerous casinos to golf courses. Throughout all these years he has managed to make a huge fortune, making him a billionaire.

Keep reading the article to dress up as Donald Trump for Halloween 2022.

Donald Trump Costume

After learning more about the influence and importance of Donald Trump, we are going to show you how you can disguise yourself as the American president. Disguising yourself as a billionaire is quite simple, we just have to dress elegantly.

The president always wears a black suit and a simple and basic white shirt. To finish off his outfit, Donald Trump wears ties of all colors, but two stand out, blue and red, which together with the white of the shirt are reminiscent of the United States flag.

But if you really want to be recognized as Donald Trump, you should wear a wig.

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Donald Trump wig

As we have told you in the previous point, the wig is a fundamental element to complete the Donald Trump costume.

The best place to buy Donald Trump’s wig is Amazon, here you can find all the models and quite cheap. The first model is simpler, sporting a bleached blonde and less wavy, still quite recognizable.

The second option is very similar, but it’s shiny hair and it will make you stand out a bit more. Depending on the color and style of wig you buy, you can choose one tie or another.

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The following wig is very similar, it differs mainly in showing wavy hair and more forms.

The fourth and last option is a darker hair, similar to redhead, but that maintains a hair with volume, like the one President Donald Trump has.

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How to dress up as Donald Trump step by step

To get the perfect Donald Trump costume, we need something more than just the fancy suit and the wig. If you want to be exactly like the American president, we need a mask to have the same facial expressions. This mask is the simplest of all, a simple and cheap cardboard mask that you can get in a department store.

The next mask is made of latex and shows the serious face of the US president, with his slightly blonder hair tone.

The last mask that we are going to show you is also made of latex, however this time we see how the face is somewhat more comical, simulating that it is screaming, perfect for dressing up on Halloween.

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You can find these masks on Amazon with pretty good prices. You no longer have an excuse not to dress up as one of the most powerful characters in the real world, the President of the United States.

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