How to dress like a real Peaky Blinders: Costumes from the series

By now, it becomes clear that Peaky Blinders is much more than a TV series. Fiction starring Cillian Murphy has become, for many, a way of life. A religion to follow, especially in terms of style, making the Shelby style one’s own. If you also want to look like one of the protagonists of the series, we tell you how to dress like a real Peaky Blinders: Costumes from the series

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How to Dress Like a Real Peaky Blinders: Series Costumes

As everyone knows, Peaky Blinders is set in Birmingham (United Kingdom) at the beginning of the 20th century. Specifically, just after the end of the First World War. And despite the fact that a century has passed since then, the looks of the protagonists of the series are trending, thanks to the most accurate saying that fashion has ever made: it is cyclical. Hence, knowing how to dress like a true Peaky Blinders: Series Costumes continues to be a trend.

In fact, if we review the must-haves of Tommy Shelby and company, we find all kinds of current trends. From vintage tweed suits, to wool coats, to mandarin collar shirts or plaid fabrics. And be careful, you can complete your look with some of the best Peaky Blinders haircuts.

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The reality is that the Peaky Blinders style has always been there, but the series has elevated it to a higher level. In fact, thanks to fiction, the Peaky Blinders style has gone from being something residual, to a habitual style in which vintage elegance is combined with the British sobriety of the early twentieth century.

Of course, it’s also helped a lot of people assume that embracing the Peaky Blinders style doesn’t mean dressing up or showing off. Nothing is further from reality. Copying Tommy Shelby’s style is a lifestyle that millions of people have embraced. Of course, without entering into the Shelby mafia practices.

Thus, if you want to become a British gentleman from a century ago, we will tell you how to dress like a true Peaky Blinders: Costumes from the series, taking as reference the two stylistic pillars of the series: Tommy and Arthur Shelby. Always impeccable.

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Peaky Blinders Costumes | Tommy Shelby

Tommy Shelby is the leader, at all levels, of the Shelby family. Her attitude and confidence have a lot to do with her always perfect look. A sophisticated, masculine look that has become a style benchmark for years, thanks to its non-negotiable garments.

Thus, among Tommy Shelby’s must-haves in Peaky Blinders we find wool or tweed suits that, over the course of six seasons, he has alternated with squares or stripes. The differential element of his suits has always been the vest, made of the same fabric as the suit, which turns his look into a spectacular three-piece. And when the cold gets worse, Tommy Shelby has combined them with cashmere coats, always in dark tones and with lapels.

And to crown the look, the importance of a shirt that also alternates short and rounded necks, although on some occasions, less often, he has dared with contrasting shirt collars.

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Peaky Blinders Costumes | Arthur Shelby

His extreme violence contrasts with his high concept of elegance. Obviously, in order to fight with ease, Arthur Shelby must be as comfortable as possible, without losing an iota of style. This detail makes it go down a step with respect to its brother but maintains a standard of elegance well above average.

Thus, Arthur Shelby’s suits in Peaky Blinders are more of tweed fabric, the coats with slightly wider lapels, but the non-negotiable element for Arthur Shelby is his characteristic bow tie. Best of all, as the seasons go by and the business category of the Shelbys multiplies, you will see a spectacular stylistic evolution of Arthur Shelby.

The fact that fashion has broken borders for a long time and that the freedom to dress is the general trend in almost the entire world, helps British gentlemen of the early twentieth century to once again be one of the strongest trends of this century.

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Despite the mystique surrounding the series, if we analyze the Peaky Blinders costumes, we find one of the most elegant series with the most careful wardrobe on the television scene. The problem is that many of those suits end up covered in blood in each chapter.

How to dress like a real Peaky Blinders step by step

Thus, we tell you how to dress like a true Peaky Blinders reviewing, one by one, the elements you need:

Peaky Blinders Costume

As we have already mentioned, the recommendation is a three-piece checked tweed suit, with wide lapels and shoulder pads. The pants should be of the same fabric and slim fit so that they stick to your leg. The traditional cut recalls the tailoring of the last century and the colors are usually dark blue.

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Of course, for special occasions, the alternative is premium wool suits, where squares alternate with pinstripes.

Peaky Blinders Shirt

Although the Peaky Blinders shirt only makes up 10% of their total, it is another distinctive element of the Shelby look. Most shirts use ‘club penny’, recognizable because the neck is rounded and made of a lighter white fabric than the rest of the shirt and with a striking metal button. The ideal thing, to make them perfect, is to make them to measure, something that is not as expensive as everyone thinks.

Peaky Blinders vest

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When the Shelbys take a break and shed their jackets, Peaky Blinders’ vests take center stage. Tweed vests with simple closure and no lapels. A discreet complement that elevates the elegance of the ensemble.

Peaky Blinders Coat

It is a garment that goes almost unnoticed in the Peaky Blinders outfit and, nevertheless, the most relevant. The Shelby overcoat falls below the knee and alternates between two fabrics: wool or cashmere, depending on the occasion. In this case, the colors that the Shelbys choose encompass all shades of dark blacks, blues, or grays.

Peaky Blinders Boots

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Obviously, we crowned with the Peaky Blinders boots. They can be boots or ankle boots but always made of high quality leather. With lace-up toecaps, as they have a longer toe, they stylize the silhouette and are the perfect complement to the Peaky Blinders suit.

Peaky Blinders Beret

To finish, the beret with minora. The differential element to break and looks like one more Shelby.

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