How to dress in EMO fashion

Don’t you know how to dress in emo fashion? Well, here we will show you some of the tips that you should keep in mind to be a real emo at all times and at all times.

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What is EMO fashion?

Actually, it’s called emo fashion when it’s something much deeper. It is an urban tribe, even a social and cultural movement. Like most urban tribes, emos have distinctive aesthetic traits that set them apart from the rest. Like all norm-breaking urban tribes, the emo have long been misunderstood, but today they are yet another well-known and much more accepted urban tribe.

Of course, emo fashion is not characterized only by wearing certain clothes, but also by the accessories, the colors that are used, the hairstyles, the musical tastes and a long list of tastes that include even the most profound attitudes and thoughts about the life. But let’s see what you have to do to dress emo fashion.

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Dress in EMO fashion

To be an emo or, at least, to dress like them, you have to follow a series of basic “rules” and main tips regarding your outfit:

To begin with, if you are EMO you must make black your main color. For this reason, emos are sometimes confused with goths, although their style is actually very different. Girls can combine black with shades of totally opposite and much more cheerful colors, such as pink or turquoise.

Skinny pants are essential in your closet, you should have at least a few in dark colors, preferably black to make your figure slimmer and slimmer.

The shirts must be with a V-neck and preferably with striped or checkered prints, you can mix very bright colors such as hot pink, fuchsia or red with black, the combination is very good and that will make you look like an emo, otherwise if you want to be more conservative in that regard, try just wearing all black. Also take into account shirts of those groups that are known within the EMO world, such as Jimmy eat world, My Chemical Romance or My Bloody Valentine.

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Regarding emo footwear, what is most seen in emo fashion are the classic canvas shoes, if they have some aged touch, much better, that will give you a much more emo look. For example, a wise choice would be Converse-style sneakers or Vans.

Jackets with hoods or with built-in hats are also welcome in this fashion. And if they are black and with star prints, much better.

Emos also usually wear accessories such as bracelets, pendants, colored contact lenses or anything that identifies them as emos to others.

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In addition to the clothes, within the emo outfit, the hairstyle and the face are very important. Don’t be afraid to do hairstyles or dye your hair, or make up, it’s very common in the EMO world. The most common thing is to dye your hair in quite strange colors, especially among girls it is rare to find an emo with your natural hair color.

Of course, within emos there are different levels. There are the most radical, and those who are more restrained with their look. In the following gallery of images we show you some examples so that you can find a look that best suits your tastes.

Photos to know how to dress like emo:

Now, to finish, we leave you with a video and some links that you might find interesting to complement the information in the article.

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Video with emo hairstyles and haircuts

In addition to clothing and accessories, the hairstyle is another of the distinctive aesthetic features of the emo. In the following video we show you some examples of very typical hairstyles of this urban tribe:

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