How to dress for the mountains?

For any activity you do in the mountains you must choose clothes that keep your body always dry. You must avoid sweat condensation, in addition to preventing both snow and rain from falling, without forgetting to be warm so as not to get cold, of course. Today, from Moda Ellos, I want to tell you how to dress to go to the mountains and don’t have any problem with clothes.

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Now that spring has made its entrance, many of you choose to spend a weekend, vacation, or even a day off in the mountains, and that is why I am going to tell you what is the best outfit to keep your body dry against sweat and rain and the little snow that still remains. Let’s start!

Three layers has become the basis of our perfect wardrobe for going to the mountains, creating a small microclimate that protects your body from possible weather changes and sweat, preventing you from being uncomfortable. Whatever sport you want to do: mountaineering, hiking, skiing,… you must protect your body from the weather. I recommend mammut, which has a wide variety of clothes at a very good price.

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What do these 3 layers consist of?

The first layer will act like a second skin for you. It is very important since it is in contact with your skin avoiding sweat on the skin and that bad feeling of humidity on the skin. Also, a very important factor, it prevents the body from getting cold.

The second layer acts as insulation and shelter. It will insulate you thermally, however they do not heat directly, their function is to retain body heat and prevent you from getting cold.

The third or outer layer serves for protection. The third layer will protect you from the humidity of the rain and the possible nine. It is also perfect for the outside wind, avoiding that feeling of cold due to it, and allows the evacuation of sweat.

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