How to cut hair at home for boys

How to cut hair at home for boys? Although the most advisable thing when it comes to cutting your hair is to put yourself in the hands of a stylist, you may not have the time or desire and you want to cut it yourself at home, so there is nothing like having the necessary tools and also following the steps that now we tell you.

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We must also take into account the current situation regarding the coronavirus crisis, so that in the case of having to cut our hair we have no choice but to do it at home. By ourselves or with the help of our partner or the person we are living with.

What do you need to cut your hair at home

As we tell you, the essential thing is to have what is necessary so that it does not cost us anything to cut our hair. Among the most necessary we have to mention, of course, a hair clipper and also, specific scissors for cutting hair. You may have thought about cutting your hair with paper scissors or those we use in the kitchen, but the truth is that these have a less sharp edge so they can make a real mess of your hair.

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On the other hand, you need the right thing to make the haircut easy. By this we mean a towel, which you should place around your neck and avoid getting covered in hair, a mirror in which you can see yourself well, a bottle with a diffuser to moisten your hair as it dries, and also some tweezers for if you must separate the hair by sections and a comb to manage the hair without problem, as you cut.

Once you have everything indicated, you can start cutting your hair at home, although be very careful if you are going to cut it yourself.

How to cut your hair at home step by step

Cutting your hair at home may seem like a challenge, but the truth is that we must think that if we are careful we can achieve our goal, without causing any damage. Let’s see how to do it step by step.

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Step 1: Wet the hair

The first and essential thing is to wash your hair or if you already have it clean, you just have to wet it. Make sure that your head is very wet since it will not be good to start cutting and realize that you have completely dry parts.

Step 2: Get ready to start cutting and decide on the cut

Place a towel over your head and remove excess water, so that you are not dripping while cutting your hair. Once you’ve done this, take a clean, dry towel and place it around your neck so you don’t get hair on it.

Now you have to stand in front of the mirror and see how your hair is and what kind of cut you want to get. Since you don’t have a lot of experience cutting your hair, it may be better not to risk too much and go for a cut based on fixing the type of cut you already have. In the case of being determined and wanting a radical change, perhaps the easiest of all is to shave your hair with a military cut like the ones that are currently in fashion.

Once you have decided what cut you are going to get, comb all the hair back. From here you will have to mark a part to one side to free a large part of the head and begin to cut the side or, in fact, to shave, since the fastest and easiest thing is to use the hair clipper.

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Step 3: Cut the sides

We’ll start with the sides because it’s the easiest thing we can cut when we don’t have much experience cutting hair at home. Once you have marked the part that leaves the side to be cut or shaved clear, you must comb your hair well and take the hair clipper with the appropriate level or with the head that allows you to cut your hair but without shaving too much. Choose an intermediate level or a head of at least 15 mm so that once you see the result you can change to a shorter level in case you want it even more shaved.

You must shave from top to bottom, starting at the front of the side and cutting little by little. Observe the result, comb and if you want something shorter, change the level or head and repeat the action.

When you have the side done, you must do exactly the same with the other side, parting, combing and shaving to the appropriate level.

Step 4: Cut the back

Once you have cut the sides, you must cut the back of the hair. Ideally, the cutting level should be the same, so we advise you to take the hair clipper and shave the entire nape of the neck. You must also do it from the bottom up, in slow and safe movements. Do not lift the machine while cutting. So that you can shave without problem, it is advisable that you have a second mirror behind you so that you can see the back of your neck well.

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Step 5: Cut the central part

The central part, although it may not seem like it, is perhaps the most complicated of all. If you have decided to shave without further ado, we advise you to cut your hair with the clipper at a level higher than the one you have chosen for the sides and nape.

In the case of wanting to cut the central hair with the scissors, you must take the comb and mark a line in the middle. Now take one of the parts of the division, carefully comb and cut the ends that protrude from the comb. You see doing this until you have all the hair cut and leveled. You should do the same for the other side.

Now you comb the hair all the way forward and repeat the action of taking the hair with the comb and see cutting the excess. In the case of not wanting to use the comb, you can guide yourself with your fingers. You trap the finger between two fingers and cut off the excess, but you must cut little by little so as not to go too far.

Once you have finished cutting, you should comb your hair as you want to wear it and see if perhaps you should cut or go over a little more. In case you want shorter hair, you should repeat the whole process.

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ADVICE: With these steps you will be able to cut your hair at home, but you must take into account the fact that you are cutting your hair when it is wet. Think that when it dries it will look shorter, so it is better not to go too far so that later, you do not get surprises.

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