How to combine and choose a tie

We must take care of all the details when dressing well. But one of the essential elements when we wear a suit, and to which we must pay close attention, is the tie. The tie, it is proven, is the second thing they see of us after our face, so choosing the perfect tie and knowing how to combine it is key to finding the image we are looking for. Today I am going to teach you how to combine and choose a tie.

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Choosing and combining a tie is not as easy as it seems. To find the perfect tie we must take into account 3 basic details: Design, color and size. Of course, we must choose the tie once we have chosen the shirt, logically and of course, take into account the suit we are wearing.

Tie design

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The pattern and design of the tie should contrast with the shirt we have chosen and always maintain a concordance in terms of shades. If we have a striped shirt we should not combine it with a striped tie, unless they are thicker than those of the shirt. And if the shirt is checked, the checks on the tie should be smaller than the checks on the shirt.

My advice, choose a plain tie if the shirt is patterned and vice versa, but never mix the same pattern on shirts and ties. It can lead to error.

Ties with special prints or those that are trending, it is better that they are always the “protagonists” of your “look” so that the option of wearing them with a white shirt is perhaps the best idea of ​​all.

Tie Color

Choosing the color of the tie is easier. As a general rule, the color of the shirt should complement each other and go in tune. There are also exceptions such as white shirts, which will be the wild card since they combine with any tie color, but you must take into account the color of the suit, so that it does not clash with the tie.

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In fact, if you choose a shirt in a neutral or white tone, any tie color can match, but be careful with black shirts or a dark color like navy blue. In this case, a tie in a light color does not always look good. The ideal is then to choose one that is the same color as the suit.

Tie Size

The proportion of the tie and its width is an aspect to take into account when we want to choose one tie or another. As a general rule, at present the trend is to use ties that are not excessively wide, thin, and this can come in handy for those who do not have very wide shoulders and who enjoy a thin appearance, since it will give them a more stylized and proportioned.

If you have broader shoulders, try to avoid skinnier ties and choose one of a more standard size.

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The ideal thing and so that you always know how to hit your tie is that you choose one that does not have a width greater than 5 centimeters. Any tie that is wider is better to leave it aside, unless you are into “vintage” outfits, in which case you can choose one of those wide ties that were worn in the 70s, although the truth is that they are not in favor. fashion. As for the thin ties, they are more aimed at office workers or for when you want to wear a tie with a casual “look”.

The length of the tie should be taken into account since it should not exceed the belt.

The tie knot

As for the tie knot and how to wear it and combine it, the best thing to do is to choose an American knot that would be the standard knot that you all know how to do and thus not complicate your life and know what you always get right.

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Then we have knots like the “Windsor” (photo), perfect for special occasions and other knots that can be the key to wearing your tie with more style.

To know how to tie tie knots, it won’t hurt to watch the video that we leave you at the end of the post.

Combining the tie with the right suit

As for the suit, we must follow a pattern of contrasts depending on the color or pattern as indicated for the shirts.

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Any suit that is a dark color looks better with a matching tie, while suits in neutral tones can choose to combine a tie of the same tone or one that is darker.

As for suits that are patterned, the best option is to wear a tie that is smooth and in a matching or contrasting color. For example, a blue checkered suit can go well with a white shirt and burgundy tie.

The handkerchief and the tie, how do they combine?

If you want to be able to give a touch of distinction to your formal “look”, the ideal is to wear a tie and also a handkerchief, but many men choose to wear both accessories of the same color or pattern when this is an error that we have to avoid .

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The best thing is to give preference to the tie and from there, choose a handkerchief that is not the same color, although it can be of a similar hue, for example, wear a blue tie and a blue handkerchief darling. The contrast between these two elements will bring more style to your “look”.

The five essential ties for any man

Before finishing our review of how to combine and wear a tie, we want to add those five that are essential and can never be missing in your closet.

  • Plain black tie: It is the best tie you can wear when you don’t know which tie to choose (you can also use a dark navy blue one.
  • Wool tie: The option you should choose for winter suits.
  • Dotted tie: When you want to add more style to any of your suits, although try to keep the dots or moles small.
  • Slim tie: For summer “looks” in which you want to dress formally.
  • Tie with a logo: They are trendy and always look good. It does not matter if it is just a logo or is repeated as a pattern.

I hope I have helped you and that you have learned how to combine ties well. Do you have any doubt? Tell me about it, although first I leave you the video of how to tie a tie knot:

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