How to choose and use the best cologne for men

There is no doubt that a fragrance or cologne is an invisible part of our own personal style, and it certainly has a powerful effect on how people see us (and even remember us). A good colonist offers us countless benefits, from making us more attractive to helping us feel less stressed, and much more confident. But, how to choose a good cologne for men? And, above all, how to use it properly?

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It is estimated that about 80 percent of men do not use fragrances or hills every day. The reason? Possibly lack of education and basic information. In other words, most men who use fragrances or colognes today do so because they have a father or role model who introduced them to the practice.

Both in Spain and in other countries the industry is dominated by the female sector, and most men tend to ignore the terminology. Luckily, a working knowledge of how to understand fragrance, and how to use it, is easy and simple. It just takes a little knowledge and practice.

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Why use colognes?

Wearing a fragrance or cologne will not only increase our attractiveness, but also our confidence with women (and ultimately, in general). Wearing a fragrance will make you more attractive to women. When choosing a partner, smell is the most important thing for women.

For example, a study carried out in Europe showed that if visual cues are more important for men when choosing a woman, smell is the most powerful factor for women to choose men. Let’s just say that while it’s true that men use their eyes first and foremost, a woman uses her nose (even if she’s not fully aware of it!).

Also, as you probably know, women have a better sense of smell, and a much more refined one at that. From virtually birth, females consistently outperform males in smell tests, both in scent identification and detection.

In fact, female noses are even specifically tuned to be more sensitive to male pheromones. And fragrances and colognes combine with these aromas to form an olfactory experience that is undoubtedly much more memorable and attractive.

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A pleasant fragrance, in fact, adds to the overall impression that the man who wears it is strong and balanced. We know that, for example, dressing up increases your confidence: you feel better when you look good. Likewise, using a cologne helps to improve that same feeling, since you will be much more sure that in addition to looking good, you will smell good.

Useful tips when using colognes on men

You may be using too much cologne, so even though it’s a great fragrance, the scent becomes overpowering and unpleasant. You can easily avoid this mistake -and many others- if you follow some of the tips below:

  • Spray the fragrance on dry skin: Preferably and if possible always do it after having given yourself a question. Hold the spray nozzle 2-3 centimeters from the skin while applying.
  • Apply the fragrance in the hottest areas: The heat of your body will help the smell to persist for a longer period of time. To do this, start by applying the fragrance to your chest, neck, wrists, forearm, inner elbow, and shoulder. Do not spray all of these spots at the same time. It is advisable to start with one first and then spray another 2 or 3 points.
  • Don’t kill the scent: Rubbing the fragrance into the skin after applying it will positively help spread the scent better, but be careful. If you rub it too much you will only break the molecular bond, weakening the smell.
  • Avoid putting on the cologne while walking: To get its full effect you should always apply the fragrance when you are completely still, otherwise most of the fragrance will fall directly to the floor.
  • Do not spray the fragrance on clothes: You have probably done it on many occasions, thinking that this will help the cologne smell and last longer, however it is a mistake. If you do, you will prevent the fragrance from naturally passing through the different aromatic notes that it should pass through. Also, the oils in the fragrance could stain many fabrics.
  • Less is more: You may think that using too much fragrance will help you smell better for longer. On the contrary, it will make you smell excessively, becoming a problem for those around you.

As we can see, they are actually some simple tips that will help you when not only choosing a more suitable cologne, but also trying to make the right choice.

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