How to choose a good suit for Christmas?

Christmas is just around the corner. There are many meetings and dinners in which we have to wear our best clothes. For these occasions, if you do not want to fail, bet on the suit. Apart from being one of the best investments of your life, suits are synonymous with good dressing. Enhancing our silhouette. Of course, you should know how to choose a good outfit for Christmas

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How to choose a good suit for Christmas?

Knowing how to choose a good outfit for Christmas is key. When we buy a suit, it is important to try it on every time, to get the size right. A failure in the suit can destroy your image. What’s more, to wear an unflattering suit, it’s better to opt for another look.

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If we don’t know how to choose a good suit, we have a simple and increasingly affordable option: a tailored suit. We can consider the suit as an investment, because it never goes out of style.

And the best thing is that tailored suits are not as expensive as people tend to think. The reality is that, for a little more than the usual price, we will have a suit made specifically for us. The money we save on a standard suit, we lose on that sleeve that is too short, that waist that doesn’t fit, or that pants that wrinkle.

Tips for choosing the perfect suit

If you don’t know how to get your suit right, you should know some tips to choose the perfect suit:

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  • Two essential colors – If you are going to buy your first two suits, do not hesitate in the colors to choose: navy blue and dark gray are the essential colors for any wardrobe. From there, the ones you want, but these two tones must always be present. And if you can only buy one, let it be dark grey, which you can combine with a blue shirt during the day and with a white shirt and no tie at night.
  • Always to black – A third alternative opens the doors to the always helpful black. Of course, this color should only be used for extremely formal occasions, such as top events or funerals. To find the perfect suit, it is convenient to be up to date with current Men’s Fashion
  • Watch your shoulders – Any suit that we buy will require adjustments. If you think not, you are wrong. Now, the important thing is that the shoulders fit you perfectly from the beginning. The rest can be fixed, but the shoulders are the key. Even if you lose or gain some weight, your shoulders won’t change. Please don’t wear shoulder pads.
  • Customize your buttons – If you want to stand out, feel free to change the buttons on your suit and choose custom ones. It is the way to differentiate yourself from the rest. Obviously, if you make a suit to measure, it will be easier for you to do it. If you don’t know which ones to choose, ask the tailor for help, although the old finishes always work
  • Socks, yes or no? – It depends. If you go out to a party or an informal meeting, going without socks will give your suit a fresh and casual touch. Now, if you are at work or have a business meeting, always wear socks so as not to give an image of sloppiness.
  • Accessories – Knowing how to choose the accessories to wear the suit is essential. From cufflinks, to handkerchiefs, to ties, everything matters. Now, one of the most important is the one that is usually given less importance: the scarf

What are the benefits of a tailored suit?

When buying it or not, we must assess the benefits of a tailored suit.

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  • Custom Suit – Not all bodies are the same and, therefore, not all clothes are the same for each person. But if the suit is made exclusively for one person, things change. So, if you ask what are the benefits of a tailored suit, the first is that it is a personalized garment
  • Correct proportions – We will not only wear a specific suit, but it will give us the correct proportions of our body. It doesn’t matter if you have long arms, a wide back or a fat neck. The suit will fit like a glove.
  • Durability – Tailor-made suits, as a general rule, have a longer duration, due to their difference in quality. In addition, it is normal for the tailor to offer us some advice on how and when to wash them, or the ideal way to store them. If we follow them, the tailored suit will last longer than commercial suits. That is, it will be cheaper.
  • Profitable purchase – Tailor-made clothing ensures the perfect fit to our measurements and, therefore, a garment that we will use on many occasions making the purchase profitable.
  • Exclusive – You also ensure exclusivity and providing the personal touch, in this case, to your suit.
  • Material – When we buy a suit in a traditional store, we take the material that the brand has chosen. In a tailor shop, the first thing we choose for the suit is the fabric in which it is going to be made. Absolute freedom
  • All tastes – A tailor shop gives you everything, or almost everything you ask for. From the most bizarre requests to the most striking, anything goes because it is you who chooses your own look. Squares, stripes, question marks, fluorescent green…

Types of tailored suits

What not everyone knows is that there are several types of tailored suits. The difference is in the way they are made, but basically there are three types of tailored suits

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Types of tailored suits: Ready-to-wear (RTW)

The Ready-to-Wear suit is not a custom-made suit, but the suit that we can find in any clothing store. The advantage that you have that we can buy it and use it, even if half the world has it.

In the end, it is a tailored suit because it maintains accepted sizing standards. Now, that it is not intended for you, it is a fact. There will even be some area that does not finish adapting to your anatomy. In addition, they are mass-produced and following the trends of the moment, so they will go out of style in no time

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Types of tailored suits: Made-to-measure (MTM)

The Made-to-measure (MTM) tailored suit is above the RTW in quality and, therefore, its price is usually more expensive. But of course, the jump is considerable.

In a tailored suit MTM takes standard measurements and the clothing is made by adapting a pattern. In this case, we can customize elements such as the fabric, the buttons or the shape of the flaps, among others. Of course, it will not become a canonical tailored suit.

Types of tailored suits: Bespoke

Lastly, the Bespoke suit is the most legendary and highest quality of the tailored suit types. It is a unique suit, made just for you and with all your decisions embodied in the suit

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Obviously, the more decisions, the more work for the tailor and the higher the final amount to pay. It is recommended that you go with something in mind and ask for the tailored suit on that basis. However, the tailor will be the one who takes the reins of the operation. He will ask you from how you walk to how you sit or how you want the shot

Advantages of buying made-to-measure clothing online compared to the traditional purchase of garments

Online custom clothing is being increasingly demanded by all kinds of users who are aware of all its advantages:

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  • Clothes that fit perfectly – No matter what body you have, the clothes fit perfectly to the anatomy of your body. Without wrinkles appearing in places where they don’t have to appear and hiding those parts of your body that you don’t like.
  • Quality fabrics – The suits provide great quality in their fabrics, being able to choose from a wide range.
  • Trends – They follow the trends of each season: men’s jackets, suits, colors… a wide assortment of garments that are suitable for all occasions and that follow the styles that are worn each season.
  • Comfortable, safe and fast purchase – From the sofa at home, just one click away. It’s like having a tailor in your house, but much cheaper. In addition, you have video guides that will help you take the measurements yourself, in a very simple way, in the same way that a professional would, in just 5 minutes.
  • Good prices – The prices of online stores are always much cheaper than those of a traditional store. Basically, they do not have to pay for a physical store, among other elements.

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