How much does a tattoo cost? The price of the tattoo according to the area

How much does a tattoo cost? Logically, everything will depend on the area in which you do it, the size and the tattoo artist, among other elements. Obviously, it is something to take into account before painting your skin, since getting a tattoo is not cheap but it does pay for itself, as it lasts a lifetime.

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In addition, you should not only take into account the price, but also the pain that increases or decreases depending on the area. However, so that you have an approximate idea, we tell you how much a tattoo costs depending on the area where you do it.

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For whatever reasons, whoever gets a tattoo usually ends up repeating it, so the experience is usually positive.

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The problem is that, on other occasions, the price of a tattoo and its size can condition when doing it. And it is that a large tattoo and several sessions can easily reach amounts of four figures.

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What we must be clear about, beyond the price or the place where you do it, is that the tattoo artist is trustworthy. And we are not telling you that you know him, as it may be your first tattoo, but references, friends and reviews can be a great help when deciding. On the other hand, do not skimp one or the other, for a few euros difference, in something that will last a lifetime.

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Look for quality and confidence and assess how much a tattoo costs in a relative way.

How much does a tattoo cost?

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How much does a tattoo cost? The price of tattoos according to the area. When considering the price of a tattoo, it must be taken into account that, even if it is on the skin, a tattoo is art. And art is expensive. How much? It depends. What’s more, a tattoo almost the same, can be worth double or triple, depending on who you turn to.

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And it is that, when estimating how much a tattoo costs, we must take into account variables such as the drawing, the design, the necessary material to do it and, above all, the fame of the tattoo artist you go to. There are some prestigious professionals with a one-year waiting list.

Obviously, going to one of the tops has an impact on how much a tattoo costs. So, one of the first pieces of advice is to take these elements into account before taking the final step.

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So let’s make clear the factors when assessing the price for tattoos:

Design: the design of a tattoo will cause the price to increase more or less, keep in mind that drawing a drawing with a few simple lines, such as a silhouette, is not the same as drawing a monument, such as the Colosseum in Rome.

Color: it is logical, if your tattoo is in color the price is higher, not only because of the use of more inks, but because it is complex when applying it to the skin.

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Size/area: more than the area, also, what will really increase the price is the size. Since tattooing a whole twin with a drawing is not as difficult or takes as long as making a phrase in that same area.

Tattoo artist: here you must choose well. When a tattoo artist has prestige, he can mark a higher price, but at the same time this will give you greater security, you must choose what you prefer if you choose something cheap, but where the tattoo can end badly or pay something more but ensuring the quality of the work .

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Celebrity – Another aspect to take into account when getting tattooed is that we go to a mainstream tattoo artist, something that also affects tattoo prices. In recent years, tattoo reality shows have taken the television by storm and many participants take advantage of the surge to inflate prices. There, each person must decide if it is worth making their tattoo more expensive, because it is done by a television tattoo artist.

Speed ​​– Closely related to design, speed is another element that can make a tattoo more expensive or affect the price of tattoos in general. And it is that between one tattoo artist and another there can be hours of difference to make the same design. Obviously, those hours are paid. You have to see if it is worth that extra time and money invested. In fact, there are many artists who charge by the hour.

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Tattoo Size

The size of the tattoo matters. And a lot. Now that mini tattoos are so fashionable, you can see the contrast with those who have their arm completely covered or a whole drawing covering their back. In the end, the tattoo artist, as in many other jobs, charges by the hour. And the equation is simple: the larger the size, the more hours and, therefore, the more the tattoo costs.

In fact, there are some projects that can take months and dozens of sessions for the tattoo artist. Obviously, those who demand these very specific jobs are experienced in the art of painting their skin. It is not our case. We would be the random client who comes to get his first or, at most, his second tattoo.

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For this reason, we would estimate that the basic tattoo, with a simple design, small in size and ready in a short time, would cost around 50 euros. Examples? A ring on the finger or an ace of hearts under the wrist, as well as a Chinese letter behind the ear. From those 50 euros, the sky is the limit. Well, actually the limit is what fits in your body and what you have in your bank account.

Tattoo Color

The color of the tattoo is an aspect to take into account for the price of tattoos. Going from black and white to color can double the price of the tattoo. As simple as it requires more material, more work time and more dedication on the part of the tattoo artist. Thus, we can establish that the working hour of an average tattoo artist is around 50 euros.

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It is what it would take, more or less, to make a minimal and discreet tattoo without color. Now, if we want to give it color, the same tattoo could easily reach 100 euros. Obviously, you pay for the product and the design. It is what you have to be more modern, which is more expensive.

Drawing and tattoo design

In all tattoo shops, you have available albums with thousands of designs, drawings and options to capture on your skin. If you choose one of them, things will be fast. Now, more and more, it is the clients who bring their own designs, their drawings or, even more curious, the photos of a relative.

Everyone tattoos what they want (or what they can) on their skin, as we have seen in some DTT programs. Anyway, if the design is not from the tattoo artist, the price will go up a bit.

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Now, there is a third alternative, in which the price would skyrocket even more. We talk about the occasions in which the tattoo artist makes a special design. You not only have to think and design it, but also shape it. This, for the tattoo artist, takes time. To the customer, money. Now, we will have the certainty that the design is unique. If, in addition, the drawing has shadows, 3D effects or elements that complicate its preparation, the price can be exorbitant.

You must take into account several aspects when choosing a drawing or a design, there are many types of designs that do not fit well with each other, so if you want to make a whole arm, the appropriate thing would be to do everything with the same theme. If you have an old tattoo, but want to continue getting more in that area, you can talk to your tattoo artist for professional advice and opinion.

Prestige of the tattoo artist

The prestige of the tattoo artist is key. The top tattoo artists are true rock stars and, of course, finding a place with them is almost impossible. And when you do, the price they ask you will be what they want. What’s more, there are some who are at such a level that they only ask you the area of ​​the body where you want the tattoo. Once selected, they look at you, ask you something about yourself and make the drawing that they really want on your skin. The best thing is that few people have complained about the result.

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How much does it cost to tattoo a phrase

This is the approximate cost of a tattoo based on its size:

  • Small tattoo: between 30 and 45 euros
  • Medium tattoo: between 60 and 80 euros
  • Large tattoo: between 90 and 140 euros

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These are the prices of tattoos that are drawn with black ink, which is much cheaper. In the case of using color, the cost usually increases.

In addition, there are other characteristics of the tattoo itself that can make the price grow.

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For example, if the chosen design is found in the studio’s catalog it will be cheaper, since they only have to copy a drawing they have previously practiced with.

How much does it cost to tattoo half an arm

As before, the price depends on the time it takes to complete it and the hourly rate the tattoo artist charges. Basic half sleeve designs generally start at $300 and up. Again, this depends on the city, size, your own body and your experience level.

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There is no set price for sleeve tattoos. It depends on many different factors. The best thing about this is that sleeve tattoos are usually not completely done in one session which will allow you to split the price over different days. There are even some that allow you to pay little by little.

How much does it cost to tattoo an entire arm

Sleeve tattoos are obviously large and cover the entire arm. However, not all arms are the same size.

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If you have a larger or longer arm, then it will take longer to complete the sleeve and will end up making you pay more money.

This is a factor that obviously affects everyone differently.

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However, it’s worth taking into consideration when it comes to budgeting for your tattoo.

How much does a colored tattoo cost

The main factor that determines one price or another is the size of the tattoo. Small tattoos tend to be cheaper than large ones.

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The color of the ink. Color tattoos cost more than black or blue ink tattoos, not only because different colors are used, but also because they are more complex to apply, as tattooists need to avoid mixing colors (unless intentionally as in watercolor style tattoos).

The type of ink could also influence, since there are special inks that could be a little more expensive than the current ones.

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The types of ink that we can find are: vegetable, synthetic or acrylic pigment inks, white ink or metal-free ink, for example.

Price of tattoos according to the area

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Thus, we can determine the price of tattoos according to the area. For this, we take as a reference the random tattoo of 50 euros. The one that measures about 5 centimeters and is black and white.

Hands and fingers – 90 euros. Notice to sailors, tattoos on hands and fingers hurt a lot. When the needles collide with the bones, they cause constant punctures that can be extremely painful. Surely, tattooing your hands is somewhat more expensive, but that is not the worst thing, what can make it more difficult for you when it comes to tattooing your hand is the tattoo artist himself, because there are some who do not dare to tattoo in this area due to the complexity to do the tattoos here.

Feet – 200 euros- If it hurts in the hands, in the feet, even more. And on top of that, you have to take double care of it, due to the risk of infections. The thing is not there. On top of that, it is more expensive, but because of how difficult it is to draw in an area as irregular as a foot. There are more things that you should take into account, since it is a complicated area, it is possible that curing them takes a little more time.

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Face and neck – 120 euros. The fact that it is so expensive, in addition to the complication of the area, is due to the refusal of many tattoo artists to paint faces and necks. Keep in mind that tattooing in these areas, especially on the face, will

Rest of the body – 50 euros – In the rest of the body, making a small and simple drawing is easier than preparing things to tattoo. Hence, many people opt for arms or wrists, rather than hands or fingers.

How much does a wrist tattoo cost

We have already talked about the price for tattoos or what any tattoo that we want to do can cost us depending on the area in which it is located, but one of the most recurring is the tattoo on the wrist that women like a lot, but that many men also carry.

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Generally, being an area of ​​the body, the wrist tattoo does not usually have a very high cost, although it will depend a lot on the design, the shading and also, of course, if a lot of color is used or not. As a rule, a monochrome tattoo costs less than one that requires the use of various shades. The starting price of a tattoo on the wrist is around 50, 60 euros.

And if the chosen design takes longer than expected, or a very wide color tone, it could even cost 90, 100 euros. These are average prices, since each professional has their own rates, which may vary depending on the design, colors and size of the tattoo.

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How much does a tattoo on the back cost

Regardless of the type of tattoo you desire, several factors will influence the price of your new piece of art if you choose to get it on your back since this is a fairly large area. Generally speaking, the bigger the piece, the more it will cost you. Larger pieces, such as full back tattoos, take up more of the artist’s time and consume more studio resources, such as ink and needles. That cost must be recovered and will be factored into the total price of the tattoo. You may also end up paying for the time the artist takes to conceptualize and sketch out the tattoo stencil if you trust them to create a design based on your input. The larger the design, the longer it will take. For this reason, it is best to take into account prices starting at 100-200 euros.

The complexity of a given design also plays a role. The more complex a tattoo is, the more it will cost. Again, this takes into account the time that must be spent to get it right, as well as the overall skill of the artist. In the case of a full back tattoo, with details and many lines, you can get close to 300-400 euros without a problem.

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Do not forget also the color factor when taking into account the price of tattoos. Color tattoos often need to be outlined first and then filled in with color, and can be split into multiple sessions. Depending on how much color is added and how many different colors are part of the design, it could significantly increase the level of complexity of the tattoo. This is one of the reasons why watercolor style tattoos can cost significantly more than black and gray or other types of color tattoos.

In general and with all that said, you may think that the cheapest tattoo on your back can cost you about 100 or 150 euros, but the most expensive one can perfectly exceed 500 euros.

How much does an ankle tattoo cost

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The same thing that we have commented for the different tattoos that we can get in different areas of the body, also works for tattoos on the ankle, even if it is a small part of our body, the truth is that it will depend a lot on the style and design as well as if it has color or not.

While many ankle tattoos can be completed quickly, some styles, particularly those with fine, precise details like hyper-realism, take longer to ink so you can start at $50 and go as high as $100 .

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