Homemade micellar water, learn to make it with simple steps

Making cosmetics at home, what does that remind you of? Thinking about it is like traveling to your childhood when your grandmother mixed various ingredients in pots and after a few hours she came out with her soaps and creams.

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It is clear that today there are many people who continue to practice it, however it was not the most common and I say it was because more and more people are starting to create their own products at home, excellent news for the health of our skin and for the planet.

The creation of cosmetics in large companies only causes the massive manufacture of products on enormous scales, that is, it will be to fall into the error of manufacturing more than what is consumed, with its irremediable impact.

Therefore, all those people who think that natural and homemade cosmetics are better, healthier for the skin (now we will see why) and much more sustainable in general, this article is for you!

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Men and women will be able to benefit from the properties that these cosmetics will provide, at the same time that you will greatly enjoy making your own products at home, if your grandmother saw you!

Before starting, I leave you here the link that will take you to a page where you can find the best micellar waters, so if you ever decide to buy them instead of making them at home, you can be sure that they are a good option : The 5 Best Micellar Waters for Men

Homemade micellar water, an elixir

We already know that micellar water is a product with a very high sales level, everyone uses it for its millions of properties and benefits, so if you are a lover of this purchased product, imagine doing it at home, With the presence of the ingredients that we want and enjoying its preparation from the beginning, I’m sure you’ll love it!

This product is used to cleanse the skin, but those of you who know it well will know that it has more than one function, so it will be completely feasible to use it for other activities such as toning the skin or removing make-up (if you like it). make up), so isn’t it amazing to learn how to make a product at home that can be used for everything?

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That said, we are going to see what are the benefits of making this product at home so that you know all the potential that you will have in your hands if you finally decide to do it.

If you are still not very sure about what this product is or how it can help you, surely if you take a look at this article your doubts will be dispelled: Micellar water, what is it and what is it for?

Homemade cosmetics

Homemade cosmetics has been in the background for a long time, before (years ago) it was the only thing there was, however with the arrival of companies and factories everything changed and products began to be created on a large scale, in this way In a way, people began to buy it and thus they would save the time and work of having to be doing it at home (the stress and the fast standard of living in which we see ourselves submerged today began to take over everyone).

However, all this has brought some problems, the excessive use of products due to advertising, the presence of harmful substances such as preservatives (necessary to keep the cosmetic in good condition) and increasingly cheaper substances used by brands to lower the price of their products and thus sell more and more.

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It is true that not all brands do this, many of them manufacture responsibly and use few preservatives, greatly lowering the expiration date, but even so, they are the minority and that is why the impact regarding this issue It’s still pretty important.

Little by little, homemade cosmetics was making its way again, people have been realizing all of the above and many of us do not want to contribute to the deterioration of our skin and the planet in general, which is why today in One day we can see that this technique of doing it at home is on the rise again.

More and more people are looking for how to make a specific cosmetic at home, therefore I think it is a good idea to share with you here some recipes for the best valued lotion on the market, micellar water.

Benefits of homemade cosmetics

Now that we know that it is a booming technique, it is time to know what are the benefits that surround it, so pay attention!:

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  • Use of natural and good quality ingredients

The fact of being able to make our own products at home is something that allows us or gives us the opportunity to choose the ingredients that we want to be in the cosmetic that we are going to use, therefore everyone will choose those that are more respectful, healthy and of good quality. Nobody will think of providing silicones, parabens, alcohols and others that, as we know, are fatal to the state of our dermis.

  • Natural ingredients are more similar to our skin

The best thing is always to opt for those more natural substances, since they are more similar to our own skin, the natural with the natural, and therefore it will be much rarer for it to trigger redness, irritations, allergies, etc.

As a general rule, these products will be softer, more respectful and lighter, they will achieve the same results (or better) than those artificial and harmful ingredients, but with the great difference that they will treat the dermis with master delicacy.

  • More sustainable for the planet

As we have already seen, the planet is the one that suffers the most due to the huge impact of manufacturing at large levels that amount of cosmetics based on harmful substances that are used to create the products, manufacturing more than what is consumed is the main mistake and using substances that should not be is the other.

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For this reason, homemade cosmetics is undoubtedly the best option to avoid the degradation of the planet, so if you are struggling with this, join sustainable living!

  • There is no gender distinction

The brands (except some that have unisex products) insist on telling us that there is a micellar water for men and another for women, that the creams are differentiated by feminine and masculine and that each gender must use different products, without However, the reality is not that, the skin of men and women is very similar and the differences they have are minimal, they do not affect the choice of ingredients at all.

Even so, by making them ourselves at home we can play with the fact of being able to choose those substances that we think will suit us best and thus personalize it to our gender and ourselves.

  • It won’t take any time

Do not think that making a product at home is going to take us all day, because it is not like that at all! A homemade cosmetic is made in less than 5 minutes, at least micellar water, since all you have to do is mix some ingredients together and voila!

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It will also be a lot of fun and a most pleasant experience, making our own anti-aging products, cleansers, illuminators, with very little money and very little time, what more could you ask for?

These are the benefits of making a cosmetic at home, as you can see there are many and all of them are very good, so it is very difficult to look for any negative aspect to this practice!

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Micellar water recipes: Simple and quick to make

As we have already seen, making a cosmetic will not take us any time, therefore at any time of the day we can finish five minutes to make these recipes and enjoy various applications with them.

I recommend that, at least when you are doing it, you completely forget about your stress and your rush, since they are not a good aspect for the skin and health in general, it is not asking so much that you stop for a few minutes and Put all your attention on the activity you are doing. So surely even the recipes turn out better!

The ingredients are very easy to find, you may have most of them at home but you can still find them in herbal or natural stores in your area, they are also cheap and will spread a lot.

Now that you know, it’s time to get down to work with the recipes, I hope you like them and enjoy them a lot!

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First recipe: No preservatives

In this recipe we are not going to use any preservative, so it will be important that we make it just when we are going to use it and keep it for a maximum of two days, the third we would have to throw it away because it may have spoiled or ingredients have oxidized. For this reason, the ideal is to make small quantities and thus avoid having to throw away the leftover lotion.


  • 50 grams of distilled water
  • 20 grams of rose hydrosol
  • 5 grams of vegetable glycerin
  • 3 grams of argan oil
  • 0.4 grams of geranium essential oil


  1. For the micellar water to come out as expected, it is very important that the ingredients are in the exact amount that we have put there, because if we do not respect this too much, the lotion may come out altered and not perform its function correctly. Therefore the first step will be to measure.
  2. Once everything is measured correctly, all we have to do is pour each of them into a pot and when we have them all, we stir it well and that’s it!

I recommend that the final bottle have a sprayer or an eyedropper, since in this way it will be much easier to apply it to the face without wasting anything.

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As you can see, we didn’t even take the 5 minutes I was talking about to do it, but this will take you just 2 minutes, a time that we can all take out every day, so put aside that stress that conditions you and! offer yourself time for yourself!

It is clear that this micellar water is suitable for treating male skin regardless of skin type, since thanks to the natural ingredients the treatment of the dermis will be most respectful.

Second recipe: Natural preservative

Now that we have seen a recipe without preservatives, I would like to tell you about one that does contain preservatives but is not dangerous at all, since we are going to use a natural one that respects the skin, perhaps less strong than an artificial one, but just as effective for much less stacked damage.


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  • 61 grams of distilled water
  • 15 grams of rose water
  • 15 grams of aloe vera
  • 2 grams of cucumber extract
  • 3 grams of vegetable glycerin
  • 3 grams of decyl glucoside (natural surfactant)
  • 1 gram of Cosgard (natural preservative)


  1. The first thing will be to measure the ingredients again and check that the quantities are correct, you already know that if we make a mistake here the result can be completely wrong, so we must make sure to weigh everything.
  2. The next step will be to mix the distilled water with the rose water, aloe vera, glycerin and cucumber extract and stir everything until it mixes well and forms a homogeneous lotion.
  3. Once everything is mixed, it is time to carefully and very slowly pour the decyl glycoside, do not do it abruptly or quickly, as it will cause a lot of foam and spoil the cosmetic.
  4. In the same way we will have to pour the natural preservative and mix everything again, again doing it gently so as not to alter anything.
  5. If a little foam has come out, the ideal is to wait to use it or pour it into another boat (if we did not have it in the final one)

This product will last longer without spoiling than the previous lotion, however we should not leave it too long, since this preservative, being natural, does not have the same power as an artificial one and therefore does not last as long.

So far we have come with the super recipes for micellar water, I hope that now you are more clear that making a cosmetic at home is a wonderful choice and that it is also much cheaper, faster and more comfortable to do than we imagined.

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I hope that the recipes we have seen are of great help to you in your day-to-day life and that you can make incredible micellar waters with them!

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