Home remedies to relieve irritated skin

We share with you the best home remedies to relieve irritated skin, either because you have shaved with blades, because you have shaved chest or because you feel stinging and itching on the skin.

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Knowing how to use the products we have at home, you will be able to see how there are home remedies that will easily relieve irritation and without having to buy more items (moisturizers, oils, etc.).

Home remedies for irritated skin:


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Tomatoes have vitamins A and C in their composition, which are actually very good for skin maintenance, so for irritated skin they may be a magnificent remedy.

If you have shaved or waxed and the entire area is irritated, you can try applying the pulp of a fresh tomato to the skin and let it act for at least an hour. You will notice how little by little the irritation calms down. After this time, remove the pulp with a little warm water.

On the other hand, I would like to add that drinking natural tomato juice is a good remedy for skin with acne problems, thanks to its astringent and antioxidant properties.

Milk and tomato:

On the other hand, if we take a tomato and blend it with a little natural milk, we can alleviate the irritation and itching that occurs due to sunburn.

You only have to mix 2 tablespoons of tomato juice with 4 tablespoons of buttermilk. You apply the mixture on the burn or on what you see is irritated skin, leaving it to act for at least half an hour.

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Mineral water:

One of the best and most effective remedies for irritated skin, and that we can also easily get in an emergency is mineral water. It has anti-inflammatory properties due to the materials it contains in its composition, so if you have burned in the sun or any part of your body has become irritated, as a first cure, you can always apply a little mineral water.

The best thing is to moisten a compress or gauze and apply it to the irritating area, leaving it to act for as long as necessary.

In the same way, ice is a good remedy to relieve skin irritations and in fact there are many people who, after shaving or waxing, choose to apply a little ice to the area that we have shaved so that it does not redness occurs and also does not end up irritated.

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Olive oil:

For diseases characterized by skin irritations and eczema, such as psoriasis, olive oil can be a good home remedy for treatment.

You only have to apply 1 teaspoon of this oil on the affected area and you will notice relief instantly.

On the other hand, oil is also a good remedy to finish removing the wax that we use after waxing, since sometimes small remains remain stuck. Moisten a cotton ball with a few drops of oil and pass it over the area that you have shaved, you will see that it does not irritate the skin and that there is not a trace of wax left.

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Green tea:

Green tea and black tea are also a good home remedy to avoid skin irritation if we suffer from a sunburn. We must apply it cold and wet in a gauze or compress.

After mentioning all these home remedies, it should be added that moisturizing creams of any kind can also be effective for irritations, in the same way that after showering it is advisable to apply a little body oil that will keep the skin, shaved or not, always smooth.

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