Hollister Shirt and Casio G-Shock Watch

Today I present one of my looks. I like to use a lot, a model that you can use for any occasion and that does not clash in my daily life, or to go out with my friends,…, or at work.

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A “lumberjack” style shirt, with red, blue squares and white stripes from the Hollister brand. Although if you do not like this color you can also find the same model in blue. A type of shirt that I love, and it is not the only one that I use of this model (“lumberjack”), because they complement very well with high boots and hats (when the cold has set in) giving you a much more modern air.

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An accessory that I really like to wear are watches, as you may have already seen in other posts. Apart from getting to all the places on time, these also serve to further stylize our look and complete it.

This time I have chosen a classic. A white sports watch from the Casio brand. The G-Shook model is also used for training (it has stopwatches,…) for daily use, although try to avoid it if you have a special or a little more serious occasion.

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