Havaianas spring-summer 2013

One of the things I like the most about this spring-summer season is the change of footwear and, of course, we bring you the collection of Havaianas sandals .

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As soon as the hours of sunshine begin to increase and it begins to feel hot, I start looking in the closet for the coolest clothes and also with the shoes. I haven’t started to put on my sandals yet, but it is good for us to know what the trends are to prepare the looks, don’t you think?

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The Havaianas brand, among other shoes, presents us with basic sandals but with a wide range of designs and colors that it is easy for you to find a model with which you identify or also, a design that is perfect for most of your looks.

This type of sandals, whether from Havaianas or the brand that you like the most, is usually very useful during this spring-summer season due to the comfort it represents and the ease of combining them, although we also have to take into account that the material of the they are made of is plastic in case any of you have delicate feet.

After this, I can only tell you that you take advantage of your feet and fill yourselves with color to enjoy the high temperatures with the best looks.

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