Harrington Jacket: Origin and Where to Buy It

One jacket to rule them all. When we talk about fashion classics, we can’t always go back to 1937. In this case, it’s time to travel back to World War II to find the birth of one of the most legendary jackets in contemporary history. We tell you everything about the Harrington Jacket: Origin and where you can buy it

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Origin of the Harrington Jacket

When we talk about legendary clothes, the mind, by default, tends to go to the feminine side of fashion. Logical, because the men’s wardrobe is much scarcer. Hence, it is so necessary to value every iconic male garment. And that is the case at hand and the reason why we are going to go back to the origin of the Harrington Jacket

A Harrington Jacket that has managed to universalize its mannequins and become the jacket that everyone can wear. From a posh to a punk or a mod, going through celebrities like Steve McQueen or Jason Statham. Chance? Not much less. The origin of the Harrington Jacket has that point of versatility that, from the beginning, made everyone wear it.

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It all begins in 1937, in Manchester (United Kingdom). That’s where John and Isaac Miller had their textile factory where they produced top-quality trench coats and rainwear for brands like Burberrys or Aquascutum.

After being considered geniuses of the genre, they decide to launch their own brand and take advantage of their experience to succeed in the sector. This is how Baracuta came about and the original idea of ​​a Harrington Jacket that was not yet what it is today, but was very close to it.

With a round neck and raised, the jacket had rubber bands on the cuffs and waist that adjusted it to the body and flap pockets. Now its most striking feature was the red and green tartan lining. In this case, the reason for this drawing was that of a Scottish clan called Fraser of Lovat.

The name they gave to this jacket was G9 and it was a hit shortly after it began to be sold. Not only was it waterproof, a must in Manchester, but it was comfortable, versatile and easy to wear. Thus, in a few months, the military, police, ordinary citizens and everyone wore the G9.

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To get an idea of ​​what the original Harrington G9 looks like, we can say that it had a mix of several recognizable jackets but didn’t look like any of them. For example, it was slimmer than a bomber jacket, with a trench coat-like collar, and dressier than a bomber jacket.

But why G9? The name came from Golf, since the original idea was for the jacket to be dedicated to practicing this sport. In fact, in Japan they chose to call it the Swing Jacket, also in reference to golf.

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The first urban tribe to wear this Baracuta G9 Jacket were the mods in the UK. Of course, with the influence of the Ivy League of the United States.

This term was fixed in the eight private universities of reference in the country, where young students set trends in the 50s. There, the G9 was a real sensation when it came to playing golf and Baracuta imported them non-stop. In fact, for a while, the G9 was known as the Ivy Jacket.

But everything changes when the Peyton Place series begins to air in the United Kingdom. It was the year 1965 and this American soap opera, starring Ryan O’Neal, is sweeping television. Its protagonist was called Rodney Harrington and he always wore this jacket.

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Shortly after, Ivy Shop, one of the reference stores in London at the time, advertised it in its window with a sign indicating that it was the Harrington Jacket. The one from the TV series.

How successful would it be if even John Simons, the company that produced the garment, embraced the new name and it has continued to this day.

Since the 1960s, the world has seen millions of people wear the Harrington Jacket, many famous among them. From James Dean to Martin Freeman, going through George Bush or Daniel Craig in his tightest James Bond.

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Meanwhile, Baracuta has known how to move in the world of fashion, launching versions of its G9 with brands such as H&M, Saint Laurent, Junya Watanabe, Lacoste, Balenciaga, Burberrys, Supreme or Comme des Garçons. Pure trend.

Don’t fight the allure of a Harrington jacket. Yes, it’s a ubiquitous menswear staple to get your hands on, but for good reason. With roots in various transatlantic subcultures, its decades-long history as a darling of fashion icons means it’s worthy of a place in every man’s wardrobe. Originally known as an American golfer style, the Harrington was named after Rodney Harrington, a character on the 1960s television show “Peyton Place,” who popularized it. But the Harrington jacket has also been equally beloved by people across the pond.

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The two-button stand-up collar is a major feature that sets the Harrington apart from any other zip-up jacket, and it comes in two key styles: the classic G9 with a ribbed hem and the G4 with a plain hem.

While the Harrington became a mainstay of modern culture, where it was mixed and matched with Italian, British and American casual wear, the jacket’s classic and modern appeal also made it a hit in mainstream fashion. For this, we can thank the likes of Steve McQueen and Paul Newman, who paired them with Levi’s and button-down Oxford shirts. In the 50 years that have followed, Harrington jackets have become a wardrobe staple for everyone from your dad to Daniel Craig. But make it look good on you and you’ll look more like the latter.

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A Harrington shouldn’t cross the chest, but it shouldn’t be too big or baggy either. It should be loose enough to be worn over a sweater, adjusting the trim along the sides and waist. The ribbed hem style can bulge out and look like a beer belly, so if this worries you, stick with the straight hem version.


The hem should be in line with the fly. Any more, and it will look more like a car coat, which is not as flattering. Also avoid hooded versions. A hood on a cropped jacket is ultimately redundant. For rain, buy a long jacket and save your Harrington for dry weather.


You want the sleeves to fit like a shirt around the cuff, while the arms should be comfortable to move in and not too tight. The Harrington is a sports jacket, so it must be comfortable and practical. Styles that are too skinny or trying to be formal usually don’t work.

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Your Harrington’s shoulder should sit perfectly and not fall down your arm. With this in mind, traditional Baracuta jackets are Italian made and run in European sizing, which runs small compared to UK sizing, which is typically larger to allow for layering. If you opt for a classic Baracuta, go up two sizes for the perfect fit.

The Harrington Jacket is an incredibly versatile piece of outerwear in terms of style and functionality.

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Few other garments can walk the line between rebellious cool, everyman spirit and executive power, between sportswear and smart, smart casual. The Harrington looks just as good with a T-shirt or with a button-down shirt and tie, when worn by punk rockers or presidents.

So too, few other garments can adapt to changes in hot and cold weather. It’s waterproof and windproof, to cut through the chill on cool, windy days of summer or fall. But its lightweight fabric ensures that you won’t overheat as summer approaches and temperatures rise.

Finally, the Harrington has great comfort, spaciousness, and mobility built right in. Compared to a leather or denim jacket, the material is flexible and the raglan sleeves allow you to swing your arms and move easily to tackle active tasks and activities. You can put your hands in the pockets to keep them warm or to achieve that carefree look.

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In short, the Harrington does sportswear function, with the simple, clean lines and smart-casual style, so you can easily transition from the golf course to the business-casual workplace or a appointment in the city It’s a great jacket for traveling too. With so much versatility, it’s perfect for those looking to put together a minimal wardrobe; it’s probably the only jacket you’ll need for spring and fall.

Characteristics of the Harrington Jacket

Obviously, with so many decades of production, imitations are common. That being the case, we must be clear about the characteristics of the Harrington Jacket so that they don’t sneak it into us

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  • Waterproof fabric – It is usually cotton but also nylon, treated wool or a mixture of fabrics
  • Short length – It is not a jacket that is long, especially since the elastic waist adjusts it to the body.
  • Elastic cuffs – As well as the waist, they are very recognizable
  • Tartan Lining – Perhaps the most recognizable thing about the Harrington jacket. Known as Fraser, Baracuta made an agreement with the head of the Scottish clan Fraser to be able to use his tartan on the inside lining of their jackets.
  • Umbrella-shaped seam – It is on the back and is a symbol that many imitations do not have
  • Double front zipper – Allows closing up to the neck but also opening at the bottom
  • Straight and raised neck – The neck is also finished with two buttons
  • Two exterior pockets – The two pockets create a 45º angle and close with a flap and button
  • Inner pocket – Another detail that many forget

Where can you buy the Harrington Jacket in 2022 2023

Obviously, after knowing the origin, it’s time to know where you can buy the Harrington Jacket.

  • Baracuta – The original place to buy the Harrington Jacket is on the official Baracuta website, where you can find it in many colors
  • Grenfell – The other company that claims to have invented the jacket, years before Baracuta, is still active and also has the Harrington on their official website
  • Amazon – Keep it simple. If you want to look for the Harrington jacket of different brands, take a look at the Amazon website and you will find all kinds, prices and colors
  • Asos – And if you don’t like what you see on Amazon, you can also look at the Asos website, where you have many variations of the original Harrington jacket

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