Handsome boys like hats

Hats and caps are the fashion accessory for this fall/winter, as shown by these images of the hottest boys fashion. Brad Pitt is wearing a light colored cap in this photo taken in a recent interview by Parade magazine.

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Jude Law wears a gangster hat along with a dark suit and white shirt, during the presentation of his film La Huella (Sleuth) in New York. It gives him a very elegant gentleman air and also helps him cover his first entrances.

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David Beckham prefers wool hats, which give him a very youthful and sporty touch that looks great on him (well, everything looks great on this guy). This winter, in the warm California climate, we assume you won’t be using them as much.

If you want to buy a hat of this type, you can visit La Redoute or stop by H&M, where they have English-style checked fedora hats, perfect for protecting yourself this winter from the cold and rain.

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