Haircuts for New Year’s Eve – New Year 2020

The end of the year 2020 is approaching and surely the suit that you are going to wear or the clothes you choose will be the main thing for many of you although on such a special night you cannot neglect your hair and that is why we will now see the best haircuts for men on New Year’s Eve 2020.

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New Year’s Eve is, as I say, one of the most special nights of the year and although we all choose to get elegant or modern to celebrate it in style in the case of hairstyles, we can see how some of the cuts that are currently trend, they are going to suit us great to be up to date when it comes to saying goodbye to the year.

The best haircuts for men on New Year’s Eve

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The hairstyle with bangs was one of the fashionable male hairstyles a couple of years ago and it seems that now it is coming back with force for New Year’s Eve 2013. Of course, bangs are no longer as fashionable as the one Justin Bieber wore and they He wears something more disheveled and especially without so much hair. A good option for a successful haircut for New Year’s Eve is the image you have at the top.


Another option is this image that I show you in which we see that in addition to betting on the bangs, you can choose to throw it to one of the sides to give your hair more volume and also make you look more attractive.

Classic toupee

The toupee is undoubtedly one of the haircuts that have been seen the most in recent months and although the most classic style of this hairstyle is not seen so much, the truth is that wearing it will be an original bet that can make sweep You can also wear it even if your hair is curly.

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Modern Toupee

This style of toupee is the most popular among young people today. Betting above all on cuts that have a lot of volume and that also seem to recreate the disheveled style that was so fashionable in past years.

Stripe on one side

For those of you who are more classic, you always have the cut with a parting on one side, as in the image, and it is also a style that has been a trend last summer and this fall-winter.

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Shaved on the sides

Thanks to the television series “Boardwalk Empire” we have seen how some men opted for the parted hairstyle that I mentioned before, while others do it by combing their hair back but not without first shaving the sides. A somewhat risky style but it can work for you on New Year’s Eve to be up to date.


Long hair is in fashion this 2020, it seems that it will be a growing trend again. If you like long hair, the size of the image above is ideal to celebrate the end of the year.

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Helmet type

If you spend the hair of the model in the photo, you should take advantage of it. However, it is not necessary to let it grow without criteria or opt for medium length. Simply use your head, literally, and give your New Year’s Eve – New Year 2020 haircuts an almost impossible volume and shape. With the side parting almost above the ear and the bangs lightly touched with hairspray so they don’t fade away, you’ll be the real star of 2020. At least in its early days.

Wavy toupee

Watch out that we are talking about haircuts for New Year’s Eve – New Year 2020, not about looking like Jon Kortajarena, which is more complicated. Of course, her look is always impeccable and she is the best example to follow to try to succeed. In this case, with the look that is going to be a hit in 2020: the wavy toupee on one side. A la Robert Pattinson in Twilight and a la Jon Kortajarena on Instagram.

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Toupee and mustache

A Queen biopic is in the works, and once it’s released, the mustache will be back in trend. Of course, you can leave it on because combined with this toupee it looks wonderful. Without a doubt, an ideal combination that must be among the best haircuts for New Year’s Eve – New Year 2020.

Tintin Bangs

In its day it was Alfalfa who popularized it. Luckily for the world, it has been Tintin who has ended up giving a name to one of the haircuts for New Year’s Eve – New Year 2020. Simple, effective and very nice, it only requires one condition to be able to carry it out: having hair up to the forehead. Not everyone does. Of course, being the date that it is, do not count on it lasting high all night. It will fall off unless you have a pot of wax in your pocket.

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Hipster is back. Or has it never left? Be that as it may, hair gelled and combed back or to one side, is once again a hit. In fact, you will see many New Years Eve – New Year 2020 haircuts of this style. And it is that, combined with a suit, there is no better accessory.


If the cold does not affect your head and you know that a complete shave does not look bad on you, this is a more than acceptable option. These New Year’s Eve – New Year 2020 haircuts are comfortable and functional. In addition, they attract a lot of attention, so if you need to be the protagonist, it is a look that can help you.

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Glee Toupee

In its day, the Glee series made this hairstyle fashionable. There was no character in the series that did not wear it at some point. Ten years later, it is still a trend and will undoubtedly be one of the outstanding haircuts for New Year’s Eve – New Year 2020. The reason is simple: feel great and rejuvenate.

Laced bangs

You have to have great hair to face these haircuts for New Year’s Eve – New Year 2020. And it is that this bangs has its crumb and its preparation. Among them, half an hour in front of the mirror, with the lacquer in one hand and the dryer in the other. Is it worth it? Look at the results.

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Whoever says that the crest is out of date, is surely much older than the crest itself. In a 21st century where being yourself is a trend, there are many who have let themselves go and have already thought of their own haircuts for New Year’s Eve – New Year 2020. We only have to think about how some will end up on New Year’s Eve, or what color will the hair have.


It is true that these marras do not last long, but in the case of haircuts for New Year’s Eve – New Year 2020, it is enough that you go to the hairdresser on the 30th, and thus guarantee that you will have it recent, outlined and shaped . In this case, the limits are the sky. The options to customize your hair are so varied that it is even difficult to choose. From the simple side line that 95% of people do, to other motifs such as stars, collages or specific drawings.

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It has been one of the haircuts of the year, so it seems logical that it should be among the best haircuts for New Year’s Eve – New Year 2020. The cut seems simple but it is complicated and it is not easy to defend it. As we can see, the side is completely shaved to zero. The option of taking it to 1, even 2, you can also shuffle it without problems. On top, hair long enough to be swept back, crowned with a mini bun


The alternative to the moñete, comes from the hand of Telecinco and the look that the tronistas have made fashionable. Ideal for haircuts for New Year’s Eve – New Year 2020, it is a flattering, modern and striking look that looks great on almost everyone who dares with it. In this case, it has a shaved side but in a gradient that goes from 1 to 2 as it goes up towards the upper area. An upper area in which the hairspray and fixatives do their job, revealing the parting cut made by the stylist.

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Halfway between the old and the contemporary. This haircut, parted on one side, is faded on the sides and undone on top. She has a lot more work behind it than it seems, although she doesn’t despise old-school looks. Let no one doubt that it will be one of the most recurring haircuts for New Year’s Eve – New Year 2020. And it is a look that never disappoints.


Since man lives not only from haircuts for New Year’s Eve – New Year 2020, we must not forget to touch up and groom the beard. In fact, the trade of barber, almost in extinction since the beginning of the century, has returned to green old laurels. Seize it. If you dare, put some filigree on your face or allow some kind of license to your beard. After all, it will grow back. What will not return will be this New Year’s Eve.

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I leave you a complete photo gallery of the haircuts for New Year’s Eve – New Year of 2020:

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