Haircuts for men Autumn Winter 2020

Finally we will be able to get our hands on hair that has not been cared for for too many weeks. What look are you going to choose to return to the world after confinement? It’s almost certainly been a long time since you had hair this long, now is the time to evaluate your options for the best haircut for fall 2020.

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Curly hair, yes, they’re back, no more shaving on the side and toupee for everyone, footballer or not. Hair freedom is also imposed on men.

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You hope you can celebrate this autumn to the fullest, so do we. Shaved and very short, more natural, are in order this fall.

You can see it, more simplicity, less rushed sides, more naturalness and short equally short on all sides. More classic.

Straight bangs and haircuts that are not always so flattering are also a trend for this Autumn Winter. Yes, we dare to say that not everything that is trending is always flattering… that’s why classic hairstyles exist.

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Some of the toupee, not so exaggerated, long on the sides where all the skin is not visible and a simpler and more flattering pose, less careful too, is one of the changes for this year.

Give a change to your appearance and assume Autumn Winter 2020, with a new renewed air that more than one of you are crying out for. Do you dare with it? Next, the fall winter 2020 men’s haircuts.

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Haircuts for men Fall Winter 2020

As the cold season approaches, the new proposals for men’s haircuts that adapt to autumn fashion see the light again, thus creating an almost perfect harmony according to the personality and style of us, the followers of the latest trends.

The latest trends in cuts and hairstyles for Fall Winter 2020

If you are up to date with the latest in men’s haircuts, you will know that after a summer in which shaved hair and the trend of parting to the side have been swept away, Autumn Winter 2020 still gives room to this type of hairstyle, although introducing new ones. styles or those that have been recovered from previous years such as the return of the bangs.

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Even the bangs are imposed for haircuts for men with curly hair, since you can take advantage of the new cold season to get a style as modern as this cut that you see above.

The truth is that we are going to show you a wide variety of proposals and it will surely be difficult for you to decide on just one. We present them to you now.

The trend of asymmetries

Along with the aforementioned, it stands out that again, for this autumn, the game of asymmetries and layers will be one of the great styles most seen on the streets, together with the classic cuts, which never go out of style, since they can be combined to give a more current look.

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Our cut adapts to the shape of our face and the texture of our hair.

These are the elementary principles to finish achieving an elegant harmony that will never change even if fashion ends up transforming.

Autumn Winter 2020 thus brings the proposals for short haircuts, also semi-long, but always very careful. We started doing our full review.

Short hair Fall Winter 2020

The “undercut” hair

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Shaved haircuts, for men who dare with a radical change in their look. A style that favors those with a square face and little elongation.

The “undercut” style in which the shaved sides are the main protagonists together with a central part with more hair will be the haircut that will be worn the most throughout 2020.

Very short hair is once again a trend for men this year, and when the good weather arrives, there is nothing like taking advantage of it for a change of “look”.

If you’ve grown your middle part too long this year, try something new like the picture you see above.

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A cut that includes a shave, but also has a central part that is also quite low.

Hair very shaved on the sides

Another of the cuts that are causing the most furor are those with very short sides (even shaved) and the top part combed with a parting.

This is an ideal style for the upcoming autumn season because although it is very fresh, it gives a very youthful and at the same time classic look.

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This type of cut was the great trend of the past season, and it will repeat as such in Autumn Winter 2020, so you can continue betting on it.

Uploaded “hipster” style cut

On the other hand, the “hipster” hair style and cuts are currently prevailing, and although the hair is usually worn somewhat longer within this trend we can also find proposals for short hair.

As we see above, you can choose a cut that is distinguished by the sides, shaved, with the hair in the center slightly longer and combed to one side but with volume.

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In this way, you can wear a kind of “hipster” toupee but really updated.

Short hair with bangs

Also for short hair this Fall Winter 2020, we opted for bangs, which as I mentioned before are back with great force.

This year they are going to wear cuts like the ones you see above, with the hair paraded, with a slight disheveled but above all, wearing bangs combed to one side.

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As we can see, this is also a perfect cut for men with curly hair.

Cut with long bangs

In the same way, bangs that are somewhat longer than usual will be a trend during the new Autumn Winter 2020 season.

With this we can have a current bangs, and that although it was removed years ago, it returns with force for this season.

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The key to this type of cut or hairstyle will be in the fact of wearing paraded bangs, with a certain asymmetry and without much hair.

Hair with raised bangs

If you like to wear bangs, another option that is going to be popular during Autumn Winter 2020 is to raise it up.

Something similar to the “spiky” style, although mixed with a little toupee or Mohican cut. The bangs sticking up will give you a fresh look that is definitive, what we all look for when the good weather arrives.

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Cut with short bangs

And for those of you who are lovers of bangs, but something more classic, nothing like taking it forward without going too far.

In 2018 and 2019, cuts and hairstyles in which a fringe full of hair was worn became very popular. For Fall Winter 2020 the cut is somewhat similar but with much lighter bangs.

Short shaved hair

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On the other hand, and we have already said that shaved heads are a trend, you have the option of wearing your hair really short, in the “buzzy” style.

This type of cut seems to have begun to prevail in these last days of autumn, and with this we can say that it will be a trend in Autumn Winter 2020.

It’s not complicated at all to wear this hairstyle, you just have to shave your hair well, and it’s up to you to decide how far you want to take it.

Short raised hair

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On the other hand, wearing your hair up is another good cut and hairstyle option for the Fall Winter 2020 season.

You don’t have to have a very long central hair if you want this style to suit you.

In fact, you can shave the sides and the central hair to about four or five centimeters so that with the use of a good dryer, or an iron, and some wax, you can raise the hair as you see above, and even having curly or wavy hair.

Medium length or Semi-Long hair Autumn Winter 2020

Layered medium length hair

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Medium or semi-long hair is still worn, but now in several layers and with asymmetrical bangs below the forehead, with much less volume on the sides to soften the shapes of the face and give it an oval appearance .

The “disheveled” effect hairstyle will be the most for Autumn Winter 2020.

Uncombed hair

Men with semi-long hair can also opt for hairstyles to the side, or those that appear slightly disheveled.

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As if you just went through a blizzard. This type of hairstyle is popular in Autumn Winter 2020 but we can already tell you that it will also continue to be a trend for this fall.

How to style hair with a tousled effect

If you want to wear this type of hair that is really trending for Autumn Winter 2020, I advise you not to hesitate to apply a little wax (about the size of a pea).

Extend the wax well between your fingers and then pass it through your hair, combing it back and to the side.

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You will see how you achieve a style similar to the one in the photo. You can also choose to do it with the air of the dryer and fixer, but then you will not have such a natural effect as we see here.

Semi-long hair back

Another option that is valid for those of you who want to let your hair grow this Autumn Winter 2020, is to wear it back but without fixation.

In this way you will get a much fresher natural “look” that is also a trend.

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Whether you have straight or curly hair, if you choose a medium length, don’t spend all day picking it up or combing your hair with hair gel.

The medium length option for men is one of the best hair styles that we can recommend for the coming months.

Semi-long hairstyle with bangs

And if the “retro” style is more your thing, you can opt for semi-long hair, adding some bangs.

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It will be like taking a direct trip to the past, although depending on the way you comb your hair and the way you dress, it can be a great option as a cut for this season.

It is also an ideal type of hair style for those men who do not usually like to go to get a haircut every two by three and who do not hesitate to show off their bangs as soon as they get the chance.

The hipster style

If your big hair bet for Autumn Winter 2020 is to opt for a medium length or semi-long hair, then you can always choose a “hipster” style.

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For this, nothing like doing a kind of light updo as we see above. A type of hairstyle, more than a cut, that sweeps as a trend.

In this case we have to comb all the hair, and then hold it loosely, so that it is really loose.

Haired mane

And if long hair is really your thing, you can try to cut your hair a bit until you wear it somewhat weathered as we see in this other image.

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Short hair with very straight hair is another trend for men’s cuts in Autumn Winter 2020.

That somewhat rebellious and at the same time romantic “look”, continues to be popular and the best thing is that women tend to like it a lot.

If you want to be able to see other men’s cuts and hairstyles that are currently trending, we have this other post that will surely be of interest to you.

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Photogallery Men’s haircuts Fall Winter 2020

We have already shown you some of the best haircuts for this Fall Winter 2020, but we also leave you this photo gallery so you can get more ideas.

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