Fall Winter Haircuts 2022 2023 | Mature Men

The best Haircuts for mature men, and for this new season, because they can also wear some of the latest trends in masculine cuts and of course, find the perfect cut and hairstyle for your age range. These are the best Fall Winter Haircuts 2022 2023 | Mature Men.

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Fall Winter Haircuts 2022 2023 | Mature Men

That the Fall Winter 2022 2023 Haircuts for Mature Men are increasingly groundbreaking and daring, it is a fact. All you have to do is take a look at any hairdresser and see the looks with which the silver wolves come out.

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Age is a number and if you have hair, you will have to give it the best shape. These are the best Fall Winter Haircuts 2022 2023 | Mature Men.

It is clear that among the Fall Winter 2022 2023 haircut trends will be “imitating” the style of characters like Justin Bieber or Cristiano Ronaldo, but of course those are cuts that look great on young people and are not so appropriate for men with gray hair.

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Choose well the trends for mature haircuts

In fact, many follow the example of youngsters and the truth is that they end up regretting wearing a cut that is too short, for example, or we even see how they bet on trends such as the “undercut” (cut with shaved sides) and that They don’t just combine very well with age and, of course, with gray hair.

Despite what has been said, we cannot tell you that haircuts for mature men have to be “classic” like hair to one side or very short and well-groomed hair

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There are some trends that we can find today and that are suitable for men from 45 or 50 years old.

Trend that will even allow you to show off your hair if you want to. In the case of having hair, since at a certain age many men begin to have alopecia, take advantage of it and bet on one of the trends that we propose below and that we already advance in the video below.

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Choose the right cut

One always has to be satisfied and go according to one’s age and not pretend to be younger even though this does not mean that you can feel like a younger man.

You can be the most jovial mature man of all but that does not mean that you have to dress or comb your hair as if you just posed for a Pull And Bear fashion catalog.

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Look at these trends among cuts and hairstyles for mature men and for this new Fall Winter 2022 2023 season.

Haircuts Autumn Winter 2022 2023 Mature Men | latest trends

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Before seeing different haircut options for Fall Winter 2022 2023, nothing like choosing those latest trends that also look good on mature men.

Slicked back cut


The combed-back cut is one of the easiest cuts for older men to wear and perhaps for this reason it is the trending hairstyle that we will be able to wear the most in this new Fall Winter 2022 2023 season.

It’s a classic hairstyle that evokes mid-20th century celebrities like James Dean and Cary Grant, but it’s still as soft today as it was then.

It’s an incredibly versatile haircut that requires virtually no effort.

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The most you’ll need is a little product (we recommend a good oil-based pomade) to give hair that signature slippery look.

If you want to go completely natural, you can brush your hair back and finish. This is a good option if you have thicker hair.

This look complements everything from hair with some gray hair, to complete gray hair.

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Even if you have a receding hairline, this haircut will look great as it is kept longer on top, sides, and back.

Textured hair


For a shorter, lower-maintenance option, check out this sleek cut with lots of texture. This is a messier style that uses layers to bring the hair forward, which can help cover up a receding hairline.

Mess is what creates texture and gives the appearance of fuller hair. You may have noticed that the hair is longer at the back. This also helps make hair look fuller and thicker.

The best part is that everything looks natural, and if you have thinning hair, you know how important it is.

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Cut for a bald spot


Are you going bald? You have nothing to worry about. This is a super stylish way to show off your baldness without having to shave your entire head or get the dreaded ring of hair.

Hair is cut evenly across the head, but not too short, which is key because it creates uniformity.

This style goes especially well with a beard (or really any facial hair), which will add extra weight and take attention away from a bald spot.

Caesar Court

The Caesar Cut is a tried and true haircut that is as simple as it sounds. The hair is cut to the same length throughout, and is usually kept fairly short, anywhere from a #-clipper setting. ° 2 to no. Haircut #5. One of the reasons this cut is so great is because it works with just about any type of hair, from straight and fine to curly and coily. Check out how Will Smith rocks the Caesar cut:

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You really can’t go wrong with a Caesar. It suits just about every personal style and setting, and might just be the most flexible cut on this list. It’s one of the best short haircuts for older men you’ll find, period.

Cut with textured waves


On the other hand, let’s look at a style that is perfect for making the most of wavy hair. Here is Joaquin Phoenix who is the perfect example of a mature man with wavy hair and a style that you are sure to like.

Her hair is incredibly disheveled, but it works well because the mess complements her naturally wavy hair.

Wavy hair looks great short or long, but short styles tend to accentuate the wave a bit more as it is concentrated on the top of the head.

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And of course, wavy hair looks fantastic with facial hair, although you can definitely rock a clean-shaven wavy look too.

Short toupee

Got a little more hair to play with? You may want to look at a quiff style. First, here’s a shorter quiff:


This quiff looks super long, but it’s actually just an inch of hair combed up. So you don’t need a lot of hair to get a lot of volume.

This is a good style to choose if you want a more youthful look that still has an air of sophistication.

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The side part is a nice touch that adds a gentlemanly style, making this haircut great for both casual and formal settings.

Layered quiff with shading


If you want an even longer look, try a layered quiff like this:

This quiff is basically the same as the previous one, but this one is a bit taller and styles the hair up instead of to the side.

The sharp fall shading, where the hair falls from long to short, also makes this style stand out. It creates a ton of contrast and really makes the quiff stand out.

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This quiff will work with any color or type of hair, but works best with thicker or coarser hair.

And if you have gray hair or if your hair is just starting to go gray, you’ll love how this quiff highlights your hair.

Cut with bangs


If you are looking for a style that is a bit longer, you can always go for a style with bangs.

There are countless ways to style bangs. Shown here is a bowl-type approach where the bangs are cut evenly at brow level. The hair is kept short at the back for a super clean look.

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Haircuts with bangs generally look more youthful, so if this is the look you’re after, a cut with bangs won’t disappoint.

You can also go for messier bangs if you prefer a more relaxed vibe.

Bangs with beard


This style is slightly longer which makes the hair and beard connect perfectly. If you have a thick beard, this is a good choice.

All in all, we recommend the cut with bangs if you are looking for long hairstyles for older men but still want a youthful and energetic look.

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Natural hair for mature men Fall Winter 2022 2023

Natural Sideways Style

Then we have this other proposal, much more natural, with a more formal touch than the previous one, but that still does not present that old-fashioned trait, yes mature. Something that most women like.

The cut and hairstyle give it a certain poise that will succeed wherever it goes. Without a doubt, gray hair is a plus.

Natural style with raised hair

When we talk about natural style, we are not just referring to the fact of wearing your hair as if you just woke up. In fact, you have to comb your hair to say that you wear it natural.

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For this reason, we can bet on a hairstyle that does not have too much retouching, but that is noticeable.

A type of hairstyle in which it seems that you have combed your hair by passing your hand. Even if you have wavy hair, this type of hairstyle is ideal, and especially suitable for older men.

Natural Wavy Style

Here you have another quite natural option, which is also perfect for those men who have curly or wavy hair.

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A very fresh style for the Autumn Winter 2022 2023 season, which you can style in a matter of minutes and which will allow you to look perfect for all kinds of occasions

Whether in your day to day, or for the events to which you are invited this season.

High hair for mature men Autumn Winter 2022 2023

The “buzz” updo

If, along with the natural and informal style that we have shown you, you want to wear something that is current, there is always the option of slightly raising your bangs.

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The “buzz” cut is characterized by having fairly short hair, with lowered sides, but also with a bit of bangs up

This type of bangs is a trend among men’s cuts and hairstyles for the Autumn Winter 2022 2023 season, and you can see in the photo that it is also indicated or recommended for mature men or men who already comb gray hair.

With a hairstyle like this you will get a much more current and also more youthful style. In addition, it is not necessary that the bangs be exaggerated or that a lot of fixing product is used to raise it. As I have already said several times, it is better to bet on naturalness.

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High hair combed back

Another option to raise your hair in the Fall Winter 2022 2023 season is to play with your volume.

If you are one of the men who have a large amount of hair, you can take advantage of the volume it provides to simply comb your hair back.

In an almost natural way, you will get a hairstyle like the one you see above, which is also very popular.

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Hair up and to the side

On the other hand, the option to raise the hair and more when we have enough quantity, gives the possibility of combing it on the side.

With this, you can show off your hair, even if it has gray hair, and wear a type of hairstyle that is also one of the great trends for this season.

It is a classic style, which is back with force since it somehow recovers the trend of the parting on the side, although without it being too marked.

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Undercut cut for mature men Fall Winter 2022 2023

The proposals that we have given you above are perhaps the best options for mature men who want to look trendy with their haircut or hairstyle. But what about the buzz cuts and undercuts that are so fashionable these days?

I wonder because we see that there are more and more mature men who choose cuts like the image you see above and I don’t know why but it doesn’t look too good, what do you think?

Mature celebrities bet on the “undercut”

Some celebrities like Brad Pitt have come to wear this type of cut with such an extreme shave, and although he is a mature man, the truth is that it is dangerous for this trend to be imposed since it does not look as good as it seems can come to think.

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Mature or gray hair is better to look natural, comb it back and to one side and not take risks with cuts that may be in style but won’t go too well with the trendy outfits that men can wear. men from a certain age.

In any case, we already see that some men do opt for cuts like this, so it will be a matter of taste.

How to choose the “undercut” being mature

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You always have to choose the hairstyle or cut that you like the most, and although age is a factor to take into account, it is still a number and we will not be the ones to tell you that you should not choose an “undercut” style if you really want to wear it.

Anyway, within the same style, there are several options, some of them more or less successful.

In reality, despite what was said at the end, each one must choose the type of cut or hairstyle that they like the most. Think that nowadays mature men are on the rise.

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And it is no longer young people who attract the interest of women and success.

Let’s look at examples like George Clooney, Johnny Deep (who is already a few years old) or Hugh Jackman. They continue to reap success, being attractive and looking spectacular although they have been over 40 for a long time and all of them also coincide in being examples of men with a lot of style when it comes to their hair, whether they wear a classic hairstyle, a shorter one , higher up, and even long hair.

Fall Winter Haircuts 2022 2023 | Mature and famous men

Now we are going to show you a few examples of famous older men who know how to wear their hair and who, in line and style, hit the mark with their haircuts.

We present you a series of proposals, find yours, and if not, you can always go to our gallery, where you will find a large number of options, among which you can find that touch of inspiration that you need to turn it around to your image and get the most out of you that you deserve.

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George Clooney

George Clooney is a good example of what we are talking about, he is one of those men like Richard Gere a long time ago, who no longer hides his gray hair.

In addition, Clooney always wears a very current haircut with a parting on the side, something that he has even imposed over time and is actually now a trend.

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Jared Leto

Jared Leto is the epitome of mature with great hair and a current and young look. Be careful, the Oscar-winning actor is on his way to turning 50 and, despite this, he has the most envied hair in Hollywood. For them and for them.

Not only does he have long hair, but Jared Leto applies Californian highlights, reflections and all kinds of treatments. A mane to conquer them all and continue to be the eternal Peter Pan on this list of mature celebrities

Johnny Deep

On the other hand, there are men who, despite their age, refuse to part with their long hair. And the truth is that it’s not a bad idea to wear long hair either, although you do have to take great care of it so it doesn’t look damaged or weak.

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For example, Johnny Depp wears long hair at 50 years old, it’s not that he takes care of it much but it looks great on him and I’m sure that as soon as the court will regret it and run back to it.

Gerald Butler

In the opposite case to the rebellious Deep, we have Gerald Butler who, at 46 years old, has known how to evolve towards an increasingly elegant style.

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In other times we even saw him with shaved haircuts, but in recent years he has let it grow and in this way, we see him with increasingly natural hair.

Patrick Dempsey

And of course, Patrick Dempsey has become the perfect model of a mature man at 50, with great hair and an exquisite hairstyle.

She has wavy hair but she always opts for a natural look and even something disheveled that suits her very well and that you can imitate without problem.

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After what we have seen, there are many hair and hairstyle options for this season, although we know that the haircut that best suits mature men, so you can bet on it again, although it does give it a more modern touch if you leave it shorter on the sides and “play” with the central part.

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David Beckham

David Beckham is our first mature celebrity that we look at in detail so that you can imitate his style. He is 40 years old and little by little he has been moving towards an increasingly classic style.

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In recent years, he has opted to start wearing his hair a little longer, without shaving so much, and with a little parting to end up marking it a lot as he does in his last appearances.

He is on his way to becoming the king of style even as a mature man.

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Being a style icon for all kinds of men, his hairstyles are always a reason for example. Either the classic “looks” that we have seen and that I have mentioned to you or an uploaded style like the one you see here.

Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt has evolved over the years to become a mature man over 50 who, regardless of the fact that the script forces him to, is usually quite simple in his haircut and for that we applaud him.

When you are over 45 years old, stop fooling around or trying things with your hair if you don’t also start to suffer the ravages of baldness that so many men suffer from.

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It is better to cut your hair without complicating your life and wearing a short style as perfect and current as this one. A little longer than what a young man usually wears and combed slightly, without using any products, towards the back. I think it’s perfect!

Colin Firth

Colin Firth does not usually stand out too much when we talk about well-dressed or well-coiffed men, but the truth is that we should think better of it and do a real follow-up.

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She is over 60 years old and always looks impeccable. His hair style is also recommended for mature people who have wavy or curly hair like him.

The actor always combs his hair to one side or backwards without risking too much, but of course, getting it right to match his age.

Joseph Coronado

And in Spain? Well, I would look at Jose Coronado, who is over 60 years old and, all told, his hair style has improved a lot over the years.

When he was young, he used a bit of hair gel to comb his hair as if he were a “Yuppy” and then over the years we have seen how he has been betting on styles such as shaved hair or looking quite long or with a lot of hair.

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Luckily, in these last two years, he has opted for a more pronounced cut, leaving his natural curl and combed back or simply leaving his hair as fresh as possible.

Again, if you have curly hair this is a good example, although older men with straight hair can also follow the style of the actor from “The Prince”.

Richard Gere

It seems that Richard Gere has been a reference for mature men who have always wanted to know how to comb or wear their hair, but the truth is that the actor began to have white hair when he was very young so that despite Since his style is that of a mature man, for years he could have also been a reference for young men.

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Currently, and now that he is a mature man, Gere is committed to the naturalness of hair that is somewhat longer than the rest of the previous examples. If you have hair and a lot of it, take advantage and continue with this style.

Photogallery Fall Winter Haircuts 2022 2023 | Mature Men

Now we do go with those famous old men that we can look at. We must bear in mind, yes, that it is not about giving us the same haircut because it suits them. No, we will have to think carefully about whether it goes with our personality, as it could be the case that we find ourselves very strange in front of the mirror. But above all, go with our face, since many of these celebrities have very marked features, as is the case with Johnny Depp. Go to the photo gallery to see the best Fall Winter 2022 2023 haircuts for mature men!


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