Haircuts and hairstyles for men with wavy or curly hair Spring Summer 2021

Los Men with wavy hair find it more difficult to achieve the right look. However, we now bring you the best curly haircuts for this upcoming Spring Summer 2021 season. Do you want to know the best trends for the coming months? Next, Haircuts and hairstyles for men with wavy or curly hair Spring Summer 2021.

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Haircuts and hairstyles for men with wavy or curly hair Spring Summer 2021

Curly or wavy hair in men is one of the most difficult to maintain, that is, getting that ideal look can take time, and above all we have to learn how to style curly hair, so let’s see what styles, haircuts and hairstyles are now the best for you.

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Different options for curly male hair

In any case, we are not going to tell you that there are no options for hairstyles and haircuts for your hair type.

In fact, not only do you have many options, but we have to add the fact that many of them will also be trendy cuts or hairstyles, that is, they are worn by all types of men, whether they have completely straight hair or curly.

For men with curly hair, the style that is undoubtedly the most popular in the new Spring Summer season is one that is very natural, so that even if you have curly or wavy hair, you will use a producer to be able to “dominate” your hairstyle, it is advisable that you leave the curl the more natural the better. In this way you can choose for example a curly bangs like the one you see on the cover or a tousled style like the one you see in the image above.

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But these are not the only cuts and hairstyles that you will find for your type of hair, let’s see what other proposals and trends we find and which are the best for your face and for your own style.

Short curly hair Spring Summer 2021

Natural style

In this first case that I am presenting to you, it is evident that a simplification of the curls has been chosen, and it has been left very short but still with a very natural but “rocker” style.

This is the option for those men who do not necessarily have time to dedicate to their hair, but still want to look good and not scruffy.

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This type of hairstyle is relatively easy to achieve, although of course you will need to use some type of product such as wax that you will also find for curly hair. It is also necessary that you wear your hair shorter on the sides than in the central part.

If you want to take it shorter, you can take it even more natural. Leave your curls as is, just combing slightly so that the hair does not look too disheveled and you will surely look trendy.

Curly toupee

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The short curly hairstyle is perhaps one of the best when it comes to trends. We can achieve this by leaving the sides shorter than the center, thus creating a kind of “toupee”, very modern and youthful.

Also very short hair, it will be a good option for men who have wavy hair. The style that you see above is also a style that opts for the natural style. Of course, the waves or the curls of course, it is better that you wear it very, very short.

Shaved hair

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Short hair can also be combined with the trend of the “undercut” style or wearing shaved sides, as has been the trend in Spring Summer 2021.

If you like this style, you can wear it without problem even if your hair is curly, and also for the Spring Summer season.

The key is to leave the central part much longer, and with a natural style, as we have mentioned. In this way, a much more pronounced asymmetry will be formed, which the youngest will surely like.

Medium curly hair Spring Summer 2021

Tousled effect

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Long hair or with longer curls than seen so far, is another option for men’s curly hair this Spring Summer.

But yes, I am not referring to very long hair, but one that gives you enough room to opt for different hairstyles.

This way, if you leave curls that are longer, you can look like the hairstyles we see above with a slight tousled effect.

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The key is to use a bit of wax that you apply and spread well over your hand, and then run it through your curly hair. To the back or to the side.

In this way, you will achieve this disheveled effect that is a trend for Spring Summer, and that will allow you to look with a certain “boho” or “retro” air, just as the latest fashion in haircuts sets.

Natural curls

From wearing slightly longer hair it will be a matter of knowing that we can maintain the curls with some care that is basic so that the hair looks healthy and also that it does not “tangle” more than necessary, so that you get a natural style.

For a hairstyle like the one we see above, by singer Nick Jonas, it will then be necessary to use masks to maintain it and it is not a bad idea to cut it every time it has grown more than necessary, since that way you will be able to control your curls .

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The truth is that long curly hair is best worn when you let the curls look completely natural, although we can choose to take them to the side or perhaps to the back.

If, on the other hand, you are more of a more pronounced hairstyle, you can choose, as you see in the image above, for curls that are very marked in the center.

Curls with bangs

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On the other hand, you can also play with your curls so that you form a kind of bangs with them. This other option for longer cuts makes the curls take on another function and not wear as usual.

The hair looks less fixed to the scalp, a little longer than the previous ones and giving the waves a little more breath, combing forwards to form the bangs. Ideal for those who wish to have a more seductive and executive look.

If you bet on bangs for your curly hair, you will surely achieve a “retro” style that marks the latest trend in hairstyles.

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Many bet on recovering hairstyles that were worn in decades like the 70s, and if you choose a style like this one above, with bangs included, you can be fashionable.

If you choose the hair as you see above, you can look like in this other proposal that we present to you with very well placed curls but also natural and forward to form part of a fringe.

With a style like this, you hardly need to apply any fixing product. Maybe a little hairspray but nothing else. This style is perfect for the colder months.

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Wavy and disheveled hair

For those of you with wavy hair, you will surely like to bet on trends such as disheveled hair that we already saw above with a slightly curlier and longer cut and that you can already see how good it looks when it is worn with the hair a little more short.

This type of hairstyle is also a more comfortable option for your hair type; in fact, the curl means that you can get the disheveled look with hardly any effort.

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Look at this other type of hairstyle for curly hair types. Here, a really tousled style is worn, with a “just got up” effect that is even proposed from the catwalks.

What in previous years would have been a not recommended hairstyle that would only show sloppiness, is now one of the strongest trends for the type of hair we are seeing now.

The curls completely “crazy”, although yes, also for this type of hairstyle you have to comb the curls to give it the desired effect and in fact, you will even find hair fixatives in stores that are used to achieve the “recently lifted effect (you will even see labels and brands that advertise it that way).

Undercut style

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Another style that is very popular, and that we are going to see in more detail below, is the one with shaved sides with the rest of the hair somewhat longer. This is the popular “undercut” style that is currently in fashion and that we have seen before.

For those of you who like longer curls, you can once again wear the undercut during Spring Summer 2021 proving that it is still the big trend for men’s hair regardless of whether you have straight or curly hair.

Long Curly Hair Spring Summer 2021

We also want to show you proposals for curly hair that is long and we start with this proposal that I think is perfect for Spring Summer. A “look” also quite “natural” that you can also vary if, for example, you take some hairspray and choose to comb it backwards.

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Hipster style

If you opt for a style with long curls, nothing like signing up for the “hipster” fashion trend. This trend is still going strong so you can take advantage of your long hair and wear something like we see above,

All you have to do is leave your curly hair loose, and take a few strands to make a small bow or ponytail, so that it can stay as we see in the image above.

“rocker” style

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The rocker style is also perfect for those who want to wear their curls with long hair. A casual “look” that will suit men of all ages.

Slicked back

As for the long and curly hair that you can wear in the new Spring Summer 2021 season, you can look at this image of the actor from “Game of Thrones, Kit Harington, it’s not that the hair is very long, but it’s not very long either. short (if you straighten it you will see that it is quite long hair).

We can see that the style is closer to those men whose hair is extremely curly. It is a very natural style, which for curly hair is also a trend if you comb it back.

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It’s a matter of letting the curls grow a little more than necessary and you can even let them look a little more disheveled than necessary.

With parting on one side

On the other hand, we also suggest that you wear a mane of curly hair, but marked with a part to one side.

A style that was also a trend a few years ago and that has become fashionable again. It is a very fresh style and one that you can easily wear since it is a matter of letting your hair grow and combing so that the curls are slightly stretched.

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With volume

In this image we see long hair but it also stands out for the way it has been combed, since the curls are combed backwards.

A somewhat more “comfortable” style and so that the curls do not bother your face; You can achieve it with a little patience, a good dryer and some gel-type product that allows you to “master” the backwards curl.

With bangs

Finally we have hair full of curls, which also wears something disheveled, or without wanting to comb the waves. It is a somewhat exaggerated style, which not all men look good on, but which adds more spectacularity to your long hair.

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Think that long hair is a trend so that you do not miss the opportunity to bet on it even when you have curly or wavy hair. And remember! the more natural the better.

Short curly hair with “undercut” style Spring Summer 2021

Among the styles of haircuts for men and for the next season of I want to focus especially on what is known as the “undercut style”.

It does not matter if you have straight or curly hair, this is the cut or hairstyle for many men, especially young men, bet this season so that we can see how you can wear it in the specific case of having curls.

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We have already seen some proposals, but now we show you more. If your hair is curly but you want an undercut, you shouldn’t limit yourself.

How do you get?

This style basically consists of wearing the sides and the back part much shorter than the central part, so that you can take advantage of the natural volume that your curls provide to show off an “undercut” that has a style as modern as the one you have. you see in the picture above.

You can also choose to “play” with the curls. This way, once you shave the sides, you can comb the middle hair to the side so that the undercut will be much more pronounced.

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With curly hair you won’t need much combing, just take the curls where you want and leave them as natural as possible.

Finally, I want you to see in a little more detail that shave on the sides that I am mentioning. Do you see the contrast that is produced with the central part?

What is the key?

Well, that is the key to this type of style in the cut or “undercut” hairstyle, that is what makes it so special and so suitable for the upcoming Spring Summer season and especially for men with curly hair.

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Also look at how this type of cut and hairstyle is from behind. This style is easy to wear once you get used to the sharp contrast between the sides and the back.

Men with curly hair will notice that contrast much more so that you can get much more out of it.

As soon as you comb your curls you will realize that you already have hairstyles that are coming back with great force this fall, such as toupees.

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If you want to know other options for cuts and hairstyles for the new season and not only for curly hair, we recommend you visit this other article that will surely be of interest to you:


Photogallery of haircuts and hairstyles for curly hair Spring Summer 2021

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