Hair Transplant in Turkey, the new anti-baldness treatment techniques

If you have already begun to notice that certain areas of your head have less hair than usual or you already suffer from alopecia, this article may be interesting for you, here you will be able to learn about the new anti-baldness treatment techniques and why hair transplantation has become so famous in Turkey.

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What is alopecia?

Did you know that throughout the day we lose between 70 and 100 hairs? Dermatologists affirm that this is a normal and common occurrence, that it is not a sign of disease. However, it is considered a problem when hair loss exceeds 100 hairs a day and it is necessary to investigate what may be happening as it could be the beginning of alopecia or baldness.

According to the above, when we talk about alopecia we refer to excessive and abnormal hair loss that can lead to baldness. We are accustomed to associating alopecia with hair loss on the head but, despite the fact that it is the most frequent area, it is not the only one, since this can also affect the hair on the eyebrows, eyelashes, armpits, beard.

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Hair transplant, the ideal solution?

Hair transplant Turkey is one of the most current treatments to deal with baldness. This consists of the extraction of the follicular units that are found in the lateral area and in the back of the head, and they are implanted in the upper area of ​​the head.

Even so, it is important to know that there are different techniques to carry out a hair transplant in this area: FUE Technique, DHI Technique, and the new Percutaneous Sapphire Technique, among others.

And why Turkey? In recent years Turkey has stood out for being the leader in hair transplant intervention, currently the work carried out by Dr. Balwi at the Istinye Üniversitesi Hastanesi stands out, which is written as one of the most prestigious clinics in Istanbul both for the quality of care provided by the medical team and the results obtained. Specifically, Dr. Balwi (also associated with the name of the ElitHairTransplant clinic) has carried out more than 18,000 interventions, performing this type of hair transplantation on thousands of patients, mainly from Europe.

The ElitHairTransplant clinic is one of the pioneers in the use of the innovative percutaneous FUE hair transplant technique. This technique consists of the extraction of follicles that are grafted in small punctures in the desired area, the result is a transplant with more hair and density, without scars, healing faster than with other types of treatments.

This clinic offers its services in an all-inclusive package: FUE technique, VIP transfer, PRP Treatment, 4-star hotel, multilingual interpreter, medicines, care products, and a 30-year guarantee. Depending on what you want to do, the prices vary, you can request a free consultation with specialists, who will give you a personalized quote.

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So, to conclude, we will simply say that opting for this type of solution is not a shame, far from it. Losing your hair is natural and if you have to go through a hair transplant to feel better about yourself, why not!

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