Hair transplant: advantages and disadvantages, where to do it and who can do it

Hair transplant has gone from being something exclusive to wealthy people, to be available to anyone. Finally, baldness has a remedy and many people have taken advantage of it. Of course, it does not hurt to know some important points of this operation. Yes, operation. We tell you everything about the Hair Transplant: advantages and disadvantages, where to do it and who can do it

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Hair transplant: advantages and disadvantages

Before facing the advantages and disadvantages of a hair transplant, it should be made clear that it is an operation. A surgical procedure in which hair follicles are planted, one by one, throughout the entire hairless area of ​​the head.

Obviously, hair transplantation has many advantages but, like any operation, it can have disadvantages and side effects. For this reason, we are going to review the pros and cons of a hair transplant.

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  • Advantages of a hair transplant
    • End baldness – The first advantage is aesthetics. Baldness even causes depression in some men and with hair transplantation, it is solved effectively.
    • The hair grows – Many people are not sure, but the grafted hair continues to grow normally after the intervention. It means having hair again at all levels.
    • Simple intervention – Despite being a long and striking intervention, it is very simple and effective. If all goes well, it will only be necessary to intervene once and the hair will be restored.
    • Economic – Today, a complete hair transplant can be around 2,000 euros. A price that, not too long ago, was multiplied by 5 under normal circumstances.
    • Own donor – By taking your own hair, rejection is unlikely
    • Uniformity – A hair transplant guarantees that the distribution of the new hair will be uniform and give a natural feeling. The optimization is of such a level that the distribution of the follicles is the same as that of the patient
  • Disadvantages of a hair transplant
    • Hair thinning – It is common after the intervention, since the new hairs are finer than the previous ones. In several months, the new hair will assume its usual thickness.
    • Pain – The surgery to which the scalp is subjected is very painful. In addition, it causes heavy bleeding.
    • Swelling – Swelling is common after a hair transplant. What’s more, it affects not only the head, but also the forehead and eyes. It goes away in a few days, although it is very uncomfortable.
    • Itching – After the intervention, it is common for the itching to be severe in the head area. It is logical, because a hair transplant causes wounds and these lead to the appearance of scabs
    • Numbness – Until the grafted area returns to normal, weeks of numbness can pass
    • Hiccups – One in 20 patients suffers habitual hiccups after being operated on. It is a curious side effect that can be very annoying
    • Cysts – Not all hair follicles have the same reception capacity. Some can generate cysts that usually go away in a few weeks. They are like small grains and do not usually exceed that size.
    • Infection – Current hair transplants have a tremendous level of safety and prevention. However, it may be the case that there is an infection in the intervened area. To avoid this, numerous antibiotics are applied before and after the intervention.

To avoid the disadvantages and side effects of a hair transplant, it is recommended to follow the postoperative care to rajatable. Thus, the recovery will be fast and effective.

Where to get a hair transplant

Where to get a hair transplant? The big question that those who want to wear hair ask themselves usually have two options: Spain or Turkey. The truth is that both answers are valid.

  • Hair transplant in Turkey

Turkey has become the Mecca of hair transplants and Istanbul a symbol of this intervention. Throughout the country you can find hundreds of clinics of all kinds, so it is convenient to know where to get a hair transplant, as some leave a lot to be desired.

Thus, one of the most prestigious in Turkey is CapilClinic. It is not only established in Turkey, but also in numerous countries across Europe. One of the advantages that CapilClinic offers is the perfect postoperative follow-up that they do to their patients. In fact, all you have to do is take a look at the opinions of some customers, to check the level of satisfaction.

That said, and no matter how bad fame Turkey has, if we know how to find a quality clinic, we will have a safe and guaranteed hair transplant for life.

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  • Hair transplant in Spain

In Spain, seeing the boom in hair transplants, many clinics have launched to offer this service, improving the quality and conditions of the intervention. One of the most recognized clinics in this regard is Imema.

That said, in Spain the prices are still higher than in clinics in Turkey, despite using the same techniques. It is convenient to compare and decide if it is worth the trip to Turkey or, on the contrary, we prefer the national product. The advantage of doing it in Spain is that the follow-up is closer.

Who can have a hair transplant

Finally, we review who can have a hair transplant, since not everyone has the capacity to undergo the intervention. We tell you who can’t get a hair transplant:

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  • Under 25 years of age who are still losing hair
  • Patients with heart problems, uncontrolled blood pressure or diabetes
  • Patients with low hair density in the back area of ​​the head cannot be operated on, since they do not have enough follicles to carry out the transplant
  • People with trichotillomania who pull their hair normally. They are people with psychological problems who need medical attention, and for whom an intervention like this is not recommended.
  • If the patient has androgenetic alopecia, they cannot be operated on either, since hair transplantation can cause adverse reactions such as rashes or itching

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