Good guys 2013

Well, I have to tell you that after talking so much about fashion, trends and shopping, it’s time to see which men will be in fashion in 2013. For them we have made a selection of men what more influence are they having today. I have to tell you that the first positions are taken by actors.

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In many things we cannot influence, but in many others we have all the power of decision in our hands. And since I can’t do much to brighten your day, I bring you something that will undoubtedly make more than one smile: the list of hot guys from 2013.

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The first on the list, without a doubt, and perhaps as a result of the growing rumor that it will become fiction in Christian Grey, I bring you Matt Bomer. I don’t know if it’s because of his naughty boy’s smile, because of his penetrating gaze or because the suit suits him like no other, but regardless of the reason… I can’t find anything to discuss with him.

Second on the list is undoubtedly Ryan Gosling. Leading character of the most beautiful movie I’ve ever seen, El diario de Noa, and one of the leads of Crazy, Stupid, Love; film thanks to which he almost manages to take first place from Matt Bomer. I don’t know anything else, but sexy… there’s no denying it,

Third on the list, and another possible candidate to become Grey, is Ian Somerhalder. Her smile already says a lot, but those eyes… I think any of us could be mesmerized by her gaze.

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In fourth place is dedicated to Thom Evans. If the previous ones had a heart attack smile, this one is accompanied by a perfectly molded body that means that nothing has to be sent to the previous ones.

And how could it be otherwise, since it was unthinkable not to include him on this list, fifth place goes to Channing Tatum. Tall, dark, with an irresistible smile and dazzling eyes, nothing to envy anyone. And best of all, dance!

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I know there are a lot more hunks out there, so I’ll let you guys tell us your top 5 sexiest list for 2013. Have we agreed?

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