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We all knew that Simon Baker, star of the famous series “The Mentalist”, is the new face of Givenchy Parfums, a firm that works to achieve the perfect result, with freshness and simplicity, for daring and audacious men. Making their fragrances perfect for night and day. And to celebrate the launch of Gentlemen Only has developed a Facebook Application for you to participate in the CONTEST.

// With a mysterious and transparent aroma, Gentlemen Only, thanks to its woody intensity, captivates from the first time you receive this fragrance. With a modern image that deceives, due to its elegant aroma, the main characteristic is that it perfectly combines freshness and simplicity. The perfect fragrance for day and night!

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Givenchy’s aromas are characterized by being primary since they have a base of green mandarin and pink pepper, providing freshness with a touch of musk and birch leaves. With great intensity thanks to the wood mixed with the best aromas: vetiver, patchouli, cedar and incense that give it an evocative touch.

Givenchy has developed a Facebook app for true gentlemen who smell, act or relate like one. With the application you can win many prizes, including a bottle of Gentlemen Only perfume.

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In addition, for those who already have their perfume, they only have to write the main quality that a true gentleman or gentleman must have and they could be the winners of an incredible experience, at the level of a modern gentleman: Driving a super sports car or a weekend with a romantic dinner to share with the person you love.

Act like the modern gentleman you are and use Facebook as a tool to show your elegance, poise and good taste for good things, Gentlemen Only.

You can participate until September 12 by clicking on the following link:

I’ve already done it!

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