George Clooney Hairstyles

In Modaellos we have already told you about the elegance of George Clooney. She always knows how she should go to events, she is right with the outfits she chooses, and also with her hairstyle. Today we want to talk about precisely that aspect: George Clooney’s hairstyles. Do you want to know all the hairstyles and haircuts of George Cloney? Continue reading.

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George Clooney Hairstyles

For many of you, surely George Clooney became known as a result of appearing in the television series “Emergency” and it was then that he precisely made a hairstyle fashionable that was baptized as the “Roman” style or ” César” and that many wore in the 90s, which consisted of wearing a hairstyle forward and glued to the forehead.

Since then George Clooney has changed a lot in his hairstyles. We have almost always seen him alternating between wearing his hair quite short or something longer, but even with subtleties, he always changes his style. The truth is that the hairstyle that we all associate with him is the side parting hairstyle and it really looks great on him, but he has tried many other cuts.

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For example, she has worn it long enough to be able to get a quiff. He has chosen more classic cuts for his more paternal roles, and other crazy ones for his more naughty roles.

We are going to review all his outfits over time and the haircuts he has worn. To do this, we will analyze some of his films or advertisements and the style he was wearing at that time. If you want to see more examples, we leave you a few in the image gallery. Let’s start!


We have all seen one of the Nespresso advertisements at some point. Either in its version for television or on a marquee or billboard. And of course we all know that Geogr Clooney is his image.

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He has been working for this brand for a few years now, and there are many commercials he has recorded with Nespresso. In all of them he usually wears the same haircut. It is a classic style, with short hair and combed to the side but without marking the part. It is one of the cuts that we most associate with this actor, probably because of the frequency with which we see his ads.

Complete the look with a completely clean face without a beard or mustache. As we say, a classic style that fits perfectly with the idea we have of George Clooney. In addition, it gives it a very elegant and serene air, just as Nespresso wants us to perceive its coffee.

Ocean’s Trilogy

Most of the population knew this actor for his appearances in “Emergency”, as we have said. However, it reached the general public with this trilogy of films centered on a group of thieves in a big way. His adventures and the mischief of the characters did not take George Clooney away from his image of a classic heartthrob.

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On this occasion, the actor chose to wear his hair a little longer to be able to get a small quiff on the side, with a well-marked side part. In fact, a hunk with a clear punk air.

Oh, brother! Where Art Thou?

In Spain this film was known as “Oh, brother!”, although it never really became very popular. It was released in the year 2000, and unfortunately it passed rather quietly.

Even so, we thought it appropriate to include her in this review of George Clooney’s hairstyles because in this film she offered us a completely new image. With his hair much longer than usual and with a disheveled air, the actor fit perfectly in this comedy and adventure film. It was set in 1937, and the character integrated into this historical moment with his little mustache.

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The men who stared at the goats

It’s surprising how this actor has been able to maintain his image as a serious and elegant man, despite the large amount of comedic films he has starred in. In this case, comedy is mixed with war cinema, creating a very interesting film.

In this case Clooney surprises us with a very military style, according to his character. Her hair is much darker than what we are used to in recent years, and very straight. Combed to one side and with a very formal style.

Money Monster

One of his latest successes has been this thriller in which he starred with Julia Roberts. Here he embodied a character specializing in investments and economics who hosted a television program.

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Throughout the film he goes from being a person who has his whole life controlled and who is a great achiever, to ending up in a completely uncontrolled situation from which it is difficult to get out. His hairstyle, originally very calculated, gradually falls apart at the rate at which the film takes turns in the script. Her hair is a little long and very loose.

Burn after reading

George Clooney is one of those men who knows how to wear gray hair. She perfectly pulls off gray hair and in “Burn After Reading” she made it very clear.

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Really short hair accompanied by a beard that is neither too long nor too short. A very sexy style that leaves no one indifferent, and that is characteristic of the actor.

The descendants

In this movie Clooney played a fatherly role and his style shows it. He opted for a classic cut hairstyle that was taking years on him. A little longer, combed down and covering part of the forehead. Of course, he continued to show off his gray hair and gray hair, a trademark of the house as they say.


This science fiction film was filmed partly in Spain, when we were able to see the actor up close and enjoy his performances. They recorded several scenes in Valencia, in the City of Arts and Sciences.

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This adventure film required a carefree and daring style. He resorted to a hairstyle with longer hair, combed back creating something of a quiff. A hairstyle that can be difficult to maintain but it suits her perfectly. With a slightly longer top and very short sides.

Monuments Men

Once again Clooney surprises us with a very military style in this historical-war film. He repeats with a military mustache, very well-groomed hair and a very marked part.

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Although this actor does not make big changes in his aesthetics and always opts for a classic and elegant style, he does make subtle variations that help him characterize his characters. We like all their hairstyles!

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