Gel or hair wax? Differences, similarities and which one to choose

If you want a change of look this season and want a new haircut for men 2019 , perhaps you have ended up with a cut that implies a hairstyle for which you need a hair fixative product, and we want to talk about them now to answer the question, gel or wax for hair? Differences, similarities and which one to choose.

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What is Gomina?

Hair gel is undoubtedly one of the most widely used hair fixatives and above all one of the longest on the market. It is characterized by being a liquid gel that applied to the hair gives it a humid and even wet effect, and also, it maintains the hairstyle throughout the day without problem. These two characteristics make the hair gel perfect, for example, for when you want to comb your hair with a marked part to one side or with all your hair pulled back with a wet effect.

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The hair gel is easy to apply and lasts for many hours, but you should also know that if you apply too much you run the risk of making your hair too stiff and even if you’re not used to it, it may itch.

The best way to use the hair gel is on wet hair, take a small amount and spread it in your hands and then run it through your hair, whether you want to comb it back or up.

What is hair wax?

Hair wax would have the same effect as hair gel, that is, to fix the hair for hours, although its effect or result is a little more natural and, above all, it is always used with dry hair.

The wax will be your best ally, in the event that you want, for example, to wear a well raised toupee, or perhaps, you are one of those who wears one of those asymmetrical hairstyles in which the sides are shorter and the central part has more amount of hair. The wax will allow you to do an infinite number of hairstyles for that central part, such as taking your hair to one side, raised or also with a disheveled style that, by the way, is back in trend.

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The wax can be applied as we say, on dry or at least slightly damp hair, but it always depends on the instructions for use of the specific product. Unlike gel, it is generally not the best application on wet hair, as the end result could be anything but the desired style. After washing and drying the hair, therefore, it is necessary to take a sufficient amount of wax from the package according to the hair. The advice is to always start with little product and rub it between your hands to warm it up and make it malleable. At this point, the wax can be evenly distributed for desired movement and styling. Obviously, the desired shape and hairstyle will vary depending on the product used.

The differences between gel and hair wax

The main difference between gel and hair wax will be the final result that it brings to our hairstyle. With the gel, you will achieve a wet effect or in fact extend the hair to look shiny for longer if you have applied the gel applied with completely wet hair, while the wax gives you a much more versatile style with which to achieve many more hairstyles with dry hair.

On the other hand, gel tends to have a much stronger fixation so it is usually the best product if you have very short hair and you want it to stay with a certain type of hairstyle. Wax, on the other hand, although we can also find it with a strong fixation, is much more malleable and in fact, after having applied it and having combed our hair, we will be able to change the hairstyle at any time if we want to. Obviously it does not have a fixing power like gel, but it leaves the hair more elastic and natural in sight. In short, it does not produce an artificial effect in front of the mirror.

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Similarities between gel and hair wax

As for the similarities that exist between hair gel and hair wax, we have to mention of course that both products will help us maintain the desired hairstyle for hours.

The gel and the wax, in fact, can be combined with each other, so that you can for example use the wax to style the hair of the central part of your head in a high or side style, and apply a little gel on the sides and the back, so that shorter hair does not move and also gets a little more shine, thanks to that wet effect that we mentioned before.

Which one to choose?

Now that you know the main characteristics of both hair gel and wax, you may be wondering which one to choose when styling your hair. Obviously, it is not just a matter of choosing the product based on the strength of its fixation, but also, we must know how to choose to apply it, otherwise we run the risk of never obtaining the desired effect.

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First of all, to understand which is the right fixing product for you, you must take into account the condition of your hair, whether it is long, short, thick, dry, etc…

Next, you need to decide whether you want a glossy matte effect or a simple and natural look for everyday life.

In addition, it will be important to know which gel or wax product we choose based on its composition, since in fact, in the market we can find, for example, hair wax that is available in two types: natural, derived from oils and extracts from plants, or chemistry, better known as colorless and odorless mineral wax derived from petroleum. The wax can be present in its compact paste form, but also in liquid form, in the case, for example, of that obtained from jojoba seeds. The gel, on the other hand, is usually liquid, although depending on the length of our hair and the type of hair, as we have already mentioned, you will have to choose it with more or less hold.

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