Freddy Krueger costume for Halloween 2022

Halloween night is coming and people are already thinking about what to dress up. One of the most recurring costumes are the characters of horror movies, both those of the new movies and the most classic ones. One of the most famous and important characters in horror movies is Freddy Krueger, the protagonist of the movie “A Nightmare on Elm Street”. We are sure that the costume of the protagonist of Elm Street will be a guaranteed success this Halloween 2022.

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Homemade Freddy Krueger costume

To dress up as the protagonist of Elm Street we can choose to make the costume at home and with our materials. For this costume we must take into account several fundamental elements of Freddy Krueger: the hand with blades, the striped sweater, the hat and the mask with marks.

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In the case of the sweater it’s quite simple, you just have to take an old one from the closet and if you don’t have it you can buy it very cheap at Primark, just like the hat. However, to make the hand and the face you will have to work a little.

To make the hand we are going to use the following materials: cardboard, gold paint or similar, some bookbinders, silver wrapping paper and hot glue, as well as an old glove. We take the cardboard and make four pieces for the fingers, less for the thumb, as well as a larger piece for the hand and where we will join the pieces of the fingers. To join the pieces we will use the binders. If it is already well united, we use the paint to paint everything, when it is dry, we use the hot glue to stick it to the glove.

Now, we take more cardboard and make four claws, giving it a sharp shape at the end of each one. When they are cut out, cover them with the silver paper, to simulate the metal, if you want it to look better, stick them with glue. Once we have the claws on one side and the glove on the other, all that remains is to join them. To do this, you must glue them on top, but before applying glue, check if they are too long, to cut them or not.

To make Freddy’s face, we will use a block jelly, latex in liquid form, makeup and a deep red lipstick. We take the gelatin and we are going to heat it in the microwave until it is liquid and at the same time we are giving it shape with a small stick on a special paper for the oven. It is allowed to dry overnight to glue them the next day thanks to the liquid latex. In the holes that we are going to leave, we apply a simple makeup and paint with the red lipstick around the jelly.

Freddy Krueger costume for a child

If you are looking for a costume for the little ones, the Freddy Krueger costume is a good option. You can do it at home as we have explained in the previous point or buy it at a costume store.

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The costume includes everything you need to be the terrifying character, from the hat and the sweater, to the face and the glove.

Freddy Krueger costume for adults

If you want to scare and have fun on Halloween, the Freddy Krueger costume is a great choice. You can buy it on Amazon and you can do it separately or buy the whole set.

If you prefer to buy it separately because you already have a sweater or hat to wear, you can also purchase the glove with blades separately.

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Freddy Krueger mask

We can have the sweater, the hat and even the knife glove, but if we don’t have the mask, Freddy’s costume will be incomplete. We can choose between several types of skins, such as the following:

In this mask we see how the hole leaves us so that we can see well through the mask. The next one that we show you is a mask, with lighter colors and in which the blood is more distinguishable. All these masks are on Amazon at a very affordable price.

Here we have given you the best options to dress up as Freddy Krueger for this Halloween 2022, whether you want to buy it or do it with your own hands. Next we are going to leave you some links with other options to dress up on Halloween.

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