Fossil bracelets

Complements and accessories are a fundamental part of the looks, you can find a multitude of details that adapt to your personality and, in turn, give a touch to the looks.

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The accessories are a fundamental part of the looks because with them you can give a personal, different and unique touch to each item of clothing that you wear. Sometimes bracelets can be overlooked, but there’s nothing sexier than a wrist decked out in a leather bracelet.

For example, this first bracelet that we show you with three leather straps, you can buy it for a price of around 50 euros. You can see it here Fossil JF84818040 – Men’s stainless steel bracelet, 19 cm

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In this brand we also find other types of bracelets that combine polyurethane with stainless steel details like this one that we show you below. A simple bracelet in black.

You can also find other types of bracelets, simple and elegant, such as the brown leather bracelet with several holes to adjust it to the wrist. You can find this same bracelet in other tones such as black or brown and with beige seams, just as you can find them in different sizes.

You can also find bracelets with leather straps that are combined with stainless steel details, simpler leather straps in a cord format instead of the wide straps of the first bracelet.

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The important thing about this type of accessories for men is that you always choose a bracelet with which you feel comfortable, that you like and that it adapts correctly to your looks.

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