Footwear: Streetwear Fashion

Whether you are an expert skater or not, streetwear fashion may be made for you. You just have to look at the shoes that we present below to see if you feel attracted to this type of look.

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At first, skate shoes were only worn by true skaters, being not only a hallmark but a brand that differentiated them from others. Currently, any person uses skates as a complement to achieve an urban look that even celebrities like Justin Biber have not been able to resist.

One of the aspects that make skates more attractive for fashion followers is that they adapt to any situation and can become one of the best options when you are looking for an urban or casual look, a look with which you feel comfortable but without stop finding the perfect balance between each of your clothes to be unforgettable.

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There are three main brands that stand out from other skate shoes: Vans, Globe and DC Shoes.


In previous articles we have told you about this shoe brand. This shoe model that we present to you is based on the first Vans model for skaters that was designed back in 1976, a shoe that combines comfort and resistance.


This Globe Encore model has a transpiration system of the Air-Flow Foam system and is also shock resistant.

If you want to know more footwear models or DC Shoes trends, you can find them both in physical stores and in Spartoo’s online stores, remember that the sales are until February 28, so take advantage of the discounts.

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