Filler for dark circles and bags with hyaluronic acid for men

There is no doubt that both dark circles and bags under the eyes can make us see tired and a little older than we really are. As you probably know, the natural aging process tends to decrease the elasticity of our skin, which leads to sagging. Also, as fatty tissues begin to break down over time, we also tend to lose volume. And if we take into account that the area between the lower eyelid and the upper cheek is usually the most delicate, it is common for this area to become thinner, deeper and darker as we age. Although there is a wide diversity of treatments, in recent years hyaluronic acid filler seems to become one of the most revolutionary and effective, mainly due to the speed with which the results are visible. What are they and how are they applied? Are they really useful for reducing dark circles and bags under the eyes?

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Although in the case of men it does not tend to be as common as in women, the truth is that there is an increasing number of people, among the male public, who care about their skin care, especially everything as they get older, they get older, and ultimately uncomfortable dark circles, bags under the eyes, wrinkles and fine lines of expression begin to appear.

If so, maybe you’ve already tried some concealer for dark circles. And perhaps you have realized something fundamental: even if you use them daily, you can see some slight improvement, but they will not end dark circles or bags under the eyes at the root, especially when they arise as a consequence of the natural aging of our own Body. What to do then?.

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The truth is that there is a procedure that can help minimize -at least- the appearance of dark circles for an interesting period of time, but, it is true, it could be a bit painful.

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What is hyaluronic acid filler and how does it work?

The truth is that products containing hyaluronic acid, specially adapted to be applied to this delicate and challenging area of ​​the face, can be extremely useful in combating blemishes, dark circles and dark circles that tend to appear under the eyes. eyes.

In most cases, one of the main causes of dark circles under the eyes is due to the loss of volume in the tear duct. Thus, when a thin layer of hyaluronic acid gel is applied to this area, it is all that is needed to lift the delicate skin away from the blood vessels under the eyes.

Although it is true that, after having been applied, it is common for the area to turn red and with the occasional bruise, it does not tend to last a day or two. Then shortly after, and almost immediately, the eye area will appear noticeably much brighter.

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According to experts, hyaluronic acid gel tends to last anywhere from six months to a little over a year, depending on two fundamental factors: how fast the body is able to metabolize it, and the type of filler it takes. has been used.

The gel dissolves slowly over time, so if it is necessary to dissolve the filler quickly after the procedure (for example, for any type of medical reason), you can ask the expert about hyaluronidase, a enzyme capable of breaking down hyaluronic acid fillers.

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Is there any risk?

As with any other type of treatment that requires the use of injections, it is necessary to know beforehand that the person who is going to apply it to us is a dermatologist or plastic surgeon certified for that purpose.

Also, keep in mind that the filler should be placed quite deep, never superficial, so that the area does not appear too swollen or the gel does not become too visible.

Therefore, although bruises are common in this area, they do not usually last more than a week or two. Although if you are prone to bruising, or are currently taking blood thinners, it is recommended to ask your doctor beforehand.

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