Fashion for men Spring Summer 2015, tips to dress in this season

There are certain things that you must keep in mind in this season of Spring-Summer 2015, and here I detail them for you to change some things in your closet and in your particular style. We are still starting the month of March but this does not mean that our head begins to think about spring but in Fashion They want to go ahead and tell you what will be trending this spring season.

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It is true that in many firms we are seeing a lot of emerald green garments, but there is another color that is gaining ground, and it is none other than our basic color, white. In stores we can already see this color in all kinds of clothes. Do you want to join this trend? Or are you one of those who goes against the current? Let’s go with the best examples.

The hunters, leaders of halftime

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White Blazers

White pants

Grey, another fashion trend for Spring Summer 2015

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Along with white, gray is another of the tones that we see as essential in this new spring-summer 2015 season. In Zara, pictured above, they opt for jackets and pants in this color, along with suits that also opt for it.

The flower print, trend of the Spring Summer 2015 season

On the other hand, and if you are looking for something more colorful than white, we want to talk about the flower print and that it is perhaps the most fashionable print in spring-summer 2014.

We can find it in all kinds of garments, as we are going to show you below, and not only in jackets like the one you see above, from Zara.

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Flower pants

Floral blazers

flower slippers

Sports Fashion Spring Summer 2015

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On the other hand, it should be noted that one of the most popular trends for the new spring-summer 2015 season is the sporty style. It may be that for many it is too informal a fashion, but after a winter full of sweatshirts and joggers, in the new season shorts and t-shirts are imposed and even in black with this Zara proposal.

As many of you surely go out for a run or go to the gym, you can look at the proposals for sportswear, such as this H&M t-shirt, which not only has a very modern design but is also breathable and quick-drying with a high neck and zipper on the back. upper part. Seamless.

And now I want to leave you with a series of images of the trends of past seasons. So that you can compare the radical change that we have undergone.

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