Faded Beard: How To Make, Maintain And Photos

Even if you trim your beard at home, you can never match the work of a professional hairdresser or barber, even though you have a good blade. Both to show off a good goatee or a good beard, you need the advice of a professional and one of the most heard advice lately is to fade your beard.

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But even the best, fullest beard shaver on its own does nothing. It takes a trim from a professional, not just stick a trimmer on your beard and beard trimming done. But by perfecting this fine art, any beard can instantly look more flattering and groomed, regardless of its length.

Take a look at the best tips to have a faded beard and to maintain it over time with the best possible care.

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Learn everything about how to have a faded beard and how you can maintain it

Today, you can choose from a wide variety of different styles and shapes: in addition to adapting your beard to your style of clothing, there are other criteria for choosing the most appropriate beard: each person has particular characteristics, which are especially good with some styles and worse with others.

In any case, thick and long beards seem to be a thing of the past or each time, the number of men who decide to wear them is less, taking into account, above all, that it involves too much care when maintaining it. However, there is a new trend that is especially widespread both among young people and among the elderly, capable of making any type of look elegant and sophisticated, but which also requires that it be maintained regularly in order to always look perfect. .

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We’re talking about the faded beard. But, what is it about? The faded beard is a must for those who want to always be up to date with fashion, but especially for those who love neat and sophisticated beard styles. It is a style, as the name suggests, that is blended upwards creating a very nice effect.

But, how do you achieve this unique beard style that men of all ages love so much? In the following paragraphs we will explain what are the best ways to have a perfect shaded beard. You can also see photos throughout the post and we also explain what is required to achieve it and how it can be maintained.

Faded beard: at home or at the barbershop?

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The faded beard is a beard style that we have already said, it is very popular and extremely sophisticated. However, compared to other styles, it can be more difficult to obtain independently and without the help of an expert.

For this reason, although it is very easy to learn how to do it yourself, the first time we always recommend that you trust a professional barber, who with his experience will be able to give you a perfect faded beard and that you simply have to finish by yourself afterwards a few days.

In addition, a good hairdresser will be able to teach you how to get a good gradient at home, what tools to buy and what products to use to make it look perfect at all times. Once you have achieved the desired look with the help of a skilled hand, it will be easier to achieve it yourself without making any mistakes.

How can you get a faded beard

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In order to reproduce a perfect look with a faded beard, it will be necessary to follow some basic and very simple steps. First of all you will have to start to cut the beard slowly moving the razor in the upper part of the face, close to the cheeks and up to the height of the lobe.

The main idea is to cut the beard with shorter and shorter blades to create a real shade.

Now you will have to repeat the same gestures on the other side, trying to create a line that is symmetrical with the already made side. Once you’ve shaped it, you’ll need a 1.5mm head: this is where you can create the second length that will form the shadow.

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At this point, the important thing is to move the razor up and down, making the sideburns thinner starting from a slightly higher point than before.

Once you have completed this step, you can repeat it, however, using a 1mm head, once again starting from a higher point than in the previous step: this time you will have to focus mainly on the area of ​​the legs. sideburns.

You should stop when you have reached the same length on your sideburns as the hair on your temples. The effect that you will obtain will be that of a tone that starts from the hair and reaches the beard. For an even more sophisticated effect, your haircut will also need to be mixed up.

To finish, you will simply have to shave the rest of the beard using a head of about 4.5 mm, starting from the cheeks and working downwards. This way, all the hairs will be the same length and will give the whole beard a neater look.

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What will you need to have a faded beard?

In short, to get the perfect faded beard, all you need is a good electric razor (also called a trimmer).

This must necessarily be equipped with a variable number of heads of different lengths: these are essential accessories to obtain the shade. Finally, to keep the look always perfect and tidy, you can apply a good beard wax.

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How we can maintain the faded beard and how to look perfect

Once you have obtained your degraded beard, you will see how good it looks on you and even more so if, as we say, you combine it with a suitable haircut. Perhaps the best without a doubt, will be the haircut also degraded and in case you do not like them, a haircut raised in the central part and also the one with a textured style can suit you.

On the other hand, in order to maintain the length achieved with the degraded beard, especially in the most shaved areas, those that you have shaved with the 1 and 1.5 mm heads, it will be necessary to go over those parts again every week. You can review the longer parts every 15 days.

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As for daily maintenance, so that the longest part always stays the same and without “moving a hair”, you can apply a little wax, but do not go overboard with the amount. Buy a quality beard wax, take about the size of a pea and warm it well in your fingers, then go through the longest beard and then go over the rest of the beard, where you see, loose “hairs”.

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