Factory is now The Style Outlets What are the changes?

The Factory stores have been renamed The Style Outlets but not only the name has suffered changes, the shopping experience is different.

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In the video that we present below you can see the announcement of the change that has occurred in the Factory:

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One of the big questions that we all had in our heads when we found out about the change that had taken place is whether the discounts offered by the big brands were going to disappear, but the reality is that they were not, big brands and big discounts (from 30% to 70% discount all year) will continue to be the identity brand of The Style Outlets but with other additions.

StyleChat is a mobile application that can be found on Google Play and the Apple Store so that you can answer all your questions about fashion. You just have to ask your questions and a personal shopper will answer almost instantly.

The StyleRoom is perfect for those who are hesitant about their purchases or which suit to choose. Through this application, which is integrated into The Style Outlets Facebook channel, you can instantly share your look online with your friends, this

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