Facial cleansing for men

In Modaellos we already saw a few days ago what facial creams were for men’s skin care and now it is time to explain how you can do a deep skin cleansing.

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Although it seems that facial cleansing is something only for women, the truth is that men are also recommended to do, from time to time, a good cleansing of the face and thus be able to stay hydrated, in addition to regenerate your skin.

Facial Cleaning Recommendations for Men

Soap and water

It is not that there really is a facial cleansing that is exclusive for men and another for women, but it is true that while they tend to consider “cleaning”, washing their face with a little water in the morning , in the case of women, perhaps they are somewhat more accustomed (perhaps due to the use of makeup) to spend a few minutes washing well with soap, applying some exfoliating cream, facial tonic, etc… and thus achieve a glowing face .

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The use of soap when washing our faces will be essential to be able to eliminate the dirt accumulated throughout the day, so it is true that there is nothing better to wake up than washing our faces; Perhaps it is recommended that every night you get used to using a little soap and water to be able to clean your face better and that it doesn’t look so tired.


On the other hand, we have scrubs, which are usually used to remove all accumulated impurities, as well as dead skin cells, and which are much more difficult to remove than with a simple soap.

It must be said that in the case of men, the exfoliants that are sold for them have microparticles or granules that are somewhat larger than those specifically for women; thus, they are better suited to the needs of thicker, tougher, and oilier male skin.

Although soap and water is necessary, or recommended, that you use it every day, in the case of exfoliants you can leave it for once or twice a week, taking into account that you shave (in most cases ) and that some hair from the beard may remain festering forming a pimple, so it is better to treat it with a cleaning as soon as possible.

It should also be added that it is better that you use the scrub before shaving so that you can act with the pores speaking the beard and you will notice that you can do much better.

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Facial Tonic

Finally I want to talk to you about facial tonic; a product that many women know well and that in the case of men its use is not given so much although it never hurts.

The facial tonic is applied after cleansing the face well and allows the PH of our skin to recover, although when we cleanse ourselves, either with soap, milk, or cream, we alter that PH, so although it will serve to hydrate the entire Once the skin is clean, it also allows it to rebalance itself.

You can also find it for combination or oily skin, the most recommended for use, and for dry skin.

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How to do facial cleansing for men

Once we have all the products to use for our facial cleansing, you should know that it is very easy to get used to washing your face with soap every day and at night. For this there is no secret.

In the case of exfoliants, also recommended at night, it must be said that we will apply it in the same way as if we washed our face with soap and water, noticing how all the granules of the product spread over the face, allowing them to act and rinsing with lukewarm water.

And once we have a dry face, we apply the facial tonic. We can moisten a cotton ball and dab it on the skin until we feel a sensation of freshness all over the face (we can also apply it with our fingers, and in this way we save the use of cotton).

I leave you a video of how to do facial cleansing for men

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