Everything you need to know before using the UV-ray cabins

One of the trends that continue to grow, and Not only in summer, they are the UVA cabins. And it is that, when we talk about aesthetic care of the body today, white-skinned people cannot do without the advances in technology to show off tanned and beautiful skin throughout the year. There are many people who do not want to “risk” the effects of the sun and see UV rays as a good alternative. If you are determined to get a tan with this system, do not miss anything that we explain to you about everything you should know before using the UVA cabins.

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Use of UVA cabins

As the summer season and going to the beach get closer, we are getting nervous, wanting to get tanned and enjoy the holidays. We want the good weather to arrive as soon as possible to put on lighter clothes and show off a tanned skin color, which makes us look more attractive, something that we can achieve “quickly” with UV rays.

Uva rays cabins exist in many types of specialized establishments, and offer the possibility of showing off skin with a more tanned and healthy tone. Although as we say, what attracts us most about UVA rays is that we get the long-awaited tan in a short period of time and in a specific place.

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Of course, you should never abuse this type of method to tan and of course, you should take into account other factors that we summarize below.

What to take into account in UVA sessions

There are several factors that we must take into account before putting you inside a UVA ray cabin. This is all you have to value.

The rays of the sun

The sun emits UV rays that tan us, so somehow the UV cabins follow the same process, although dosed so that our skin does not burn and, above all, our health is not harmed long term.

Skin type

Before undergoing UVA sessions, you should keep in mind that each skin is different. If we have very white skin, we must take the necessary measures every time we take UVA rays. It is convenient to choose some cabins that are trustworthy and where we can be advised by an expert to help us know the time that will be most appropriate for us.

Your friends may have tanned with UVA rays in a short time and it costs you more. Do not despair, simply let yourself be advised by an expert and more so when it is the first time that you are going to undergo a UVA treatment. Maybe if you are also very white, you need more sessions than usual.

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In any case, we repeat that if you have doubts or any skin problem, it is best to go to a dermatologist first and tell him that we want to start this type of UVA session, who better than a professional in skin care? skin to give us the security of what we want to do and will advise you properly. Therefore, it is advisable not to be guided by the excitement of the moment or by fashion.

Beware of tattoos

On the other hand, be careful if you have just gotten a tattoo because, in that case, experts recommend not taking UV rays. Neither if you have shaved recently.

Avoid sunbathing and sunbathing at the same time

Keep in mind that if you have been taking UVA rays during the last months and weeks and now you dedicate yourself to sunbathing on the beach, it will not be necessary for you to take more UVA rays for now.

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That is, if you sunbathe, you no longer need to attend sunbathing sessions and vice versa. This is something that must be taken into account since there is a tendency to think that the more exposure the results will be much better, which is not true. Exposure to heat must be regulated. And, in some cases, limit it.

In addition, the sun’s rays are somewhat stronger than the rays in a UV cabin and you may get burned, so don’t risk that burn getting worse if you also expose yourself to sessions of UV rays .

Do not overdo it with the UVA cabins

We must not forget that one of the main problems that arise when we are exposed to UVA cabins is their excessive use, since many people tend to get used to this type of session. It should not become a regular thing. The body must rest in order to avoid developing the dreaded skin cancer. That is to say, it is good that we resort to UVA rays as an alternative to solar rays, but without going too far.

In fact, it is recommended that you first do two or three sessions (of about 8 minutes each) at most, to start taking color. Then the expert who has analyzed the type of skin we have will recommend how many sessions are needed to maintain the tan and what is the intensity of the rays that we are going to take.

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The abuse of artificial UVA rays has the same risks, or more than excessive sunbathing. Think that if you take too many sessions of UVA rays you can develop melanomas and of course, you will accelerate the aging process of the skin.

Sensitive areas of the body

Another factor that we have to take into account before getting into a UVA cabin is knowing that there are areas of the body that should never be exposed to rays. Specifically, the eyes and intimate or genital areas.

In this way, when taking UV rays, it is recommended to correctly protect the genital area, as well as the face and eyes. You can request special protective glasses, since almost all UVA cabins have them.

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Make sure the booth is clean and working

But this protection is not only related to UVA rays: it must also be taken into account if we decide to sunbathe that the cabins are in good condition.

We must not forget that the cabins in which you are going to undergo these sessions have to be properly maintained. And it is that when we talk about UV rays we also talk about health and, therefore, we must be demanding, even more so if the health of our skin is at stake.

And of course, you must make sure that the cabin is completely clean. Think that you are not the only person who lies down in these cabins to take UVA sessions, so choose a serious and trustworthy center where they make sure to sanitize the cabins well after each session.

Choose a suitable center

In any case, we don’t have to be too suspicious either, just check if the center complies with the permits or that you see that it has a hygiene and quality control certificate. In fact, beauty centers must pass strict quality control before beginning to offer their services and the truth is that, if we do not trust it, we can ask or, in any case, demand it.

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There is no need to fear that change in appearance that we so desire, because if we do it correctly we will not be putting our health at risk in any way.

Be of legal age

Young people also want to look tanned as soon as possible and more with the arrival of summer, but let’s not let them enter a sunbath booth until they are 18 years old; in fact, the regulations are very clear in this regard and only people of legal age are allowed to use UV booths. Several studies have indicated that undergoing UVA sessions before the age of 30 increases the risk of contracting melanoma by 75%.

In addition, and although this is a men’s fashion blog, we have to add that it is not advisable for pregnant women to undergo UVA sessions either.

Benefits provided by UVA rays

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We have already seen everything that you should take into account before getting into a UVA cabin and although we have mentioned that you have to be careful with your skin type or taking too many sessions, the truth is that UVA rays also bring us some benefits.

Indicated for sensitive skin

So, we must bear in mind that UVA rays are widely used in everything related to dermatology: that is, everything that revolves around various skin conditions such as dermatitis, certain cutaneous lymphomas… But, above all, we must be very clear about the importance of respecting the times, as well as the number of exhibitions.

Specifically, if you have very sensitive skin that even blisters under the sun, you can benefit from taking artificial UV rays, although sessions can be scheduled with a moderate or light intensity, so that you can Tan without burning and above all without suffering the consequences of the sun’s rays.

Treatment of psoriasis

Although not infectious, psoriasis is a skin disease that creates discomfort for those affected. It manifests as red, erythematous patches of skin, causing scaling and hyperkeratosis.

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There is no real cure for psoriasis, but it can be controlled through drug therapy that can be combined with tanning booths. Of course, these are not the same machines found in solariums, but rather UV lamps, called “PUVA”, whose effect is enhanced by photosensitizing drugs.

The prescription of UV therapy against psoriasis is of strict medical relevance: only the dermatologist can assess its suitability.

Vitiligo treatment

Vitiligo is a skin condition characterized by the absence of melanin, and it presents with medium and large white spots, distributed in some areas of the body. These are the signs that melanin is not being produced, even if you are exposed to the sun.

Various curative therapies for study include those related to phototherapy induced by the emission of narrow band UVB rays. Exposure to these particular booths should gradually re-create the affected areas.

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The use of tanning lamps should be carried out under the strict supervision of the dermatologist.

They provide a perfect tan tone

On the other hand, tanning booths give the skin a perfect amber hue that is appreciated by off-season tanning enthusiasts and those who don’t want to pale on their first date with the sea.

With a UV tan, you also make sure that the whole body, with the exception of delicate areas, will be well tanned.

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