ESPRIT’s men’s fashion catalog

One of the brands that has been making a name for itself in recent seasons is ESPRIT. We really liked his men’s collection and we are going to select our favorite models for you from the ESPRIT men’s fashion section.

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The ESPRIT brand comes from California. His design lines go towards naturalness and a relaxed attitude that is highly reflected in his clothing style. It has a website where you can place orders online.

Within their website you can find three brands, EDC, CASUAL and COLLECTION. We are going to highlight products from these brands in each Clothing section.

ESPRIT T-shirts

As we anticipated, their shirts are casual but without fanfare. Soft, flattering tones and original but harmonious prints with the outfit.

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Collection brand polo shirts.

CASUAL ESPRIT 2018 T-shirts. Soft colors, elegant anagrams, pleasant fabrics.

EDC ESPRIT 2018 T-shirts. Colors somewhat stronger than in other ESPRIT brands, a more youthful style always within the naturalness that marks their designs.

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In the shirts section we find some that are really nice and seem very well cut. They are shirts to go out or to go to work. We also comment that there is a great variety of designs on your website, something that is very appreciated.

We start again with our selection of the COLLECTION line. Perfect shirts to go to work (we also included a more casual one with small blue squares that we really liked). As we anticipated, everything is soft, easy to combine, flattering.

This selection of shirts from the CASUAL brand by ESPRIT focuses on white shirts or shirts with small prints.

ESPRIT’s EDC line, as we already saw in the t-shirts, includes more urban trends looking for more youthful looks. The print on the third shirt is very original and very flattering.

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The range of pants in men’s fashion is still not comparable to the variety of women’s fashion. As with the previous sections we are going to talk about some of our favorites from the huge variety of models and designs.

Pants from the COLLECTION line. Fitted at the ankle, no darts.

CASUAL brand pants. With a hem, which is something we really like, without darts, perfect for wearing pinkies and wearing immaculate white sneakers. The first set looks like ten to us.

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In the EDC brand we can find more different designs. Pants for sports (very present in the last two years) with orange laces.

ESPRIT Coats and Jackets

Coats, trench coats, jackets, vests to combine on different occasions.

We love the gray trench coat in the fourth image because of its cut, so straight, with that interesting neckline. What we liked the most about the ESPRIT COLLECTION brand.

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In the CASUAL brand we can find vests and jackets that are very easy to combine. Always very natural tones.

The EDC line makes a little more difference with different fabrics and colors.

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We have also liked these models of fine sweaters and jackets.

ESPRIT Footwear and Accessories

To finish with this dissection of the ESPRIT men’s fashion catalog on its website, we highlight some shoes, sneakers and accessories that you can find in its online store.

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ESPRIT Canvas Shoes & Boots

Accessories: belts, wallets, ties.

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