El Gordo de Navidad, the illusion of every year

Christmas arrives and the extraordinary Christmas Draw arrives, better known as “El Gordo de Navidad” Gordo” and the one who distributes the most enthusiasm with his prizes. But this year brings news. Do you know “dream hunters”? We present them to you in this video.

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As we have seen in the video, this is one of the most anticipated announcements on these dates. I don’t know if it will happen to you, but for my family and me, this ad marks the arrival of Christmas, and the day of the Christmas Draw is the starting signal for some endearing days.

Who stars in this year’s Christmas “Gordo” ad?

As seen in the video, the ad for this 2012 is carried out by the “dream hunters”. Some “dream hunters” who appear cold and do so before the Draw, to collect the dreams of all the people who already have their tenth for the Christmas Jackpot. In this way, they place each one of the illusions of these people in the hype for the big draw and that next December 22 will bring so much joy, either because it has touched us or because at least we will be healthy, as they say.

Do you want to deposit your dream in the Draw?

If you also want you can share your dream and for this you must enter this website of the Christmas Jackpot Draw, now you will have to write your e-mail address and then provide a password to your dream. So you can enter it, play, and see how your dream evolves day by day.

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And if it touches, what do we gain?

Simply the fact of participating in this raffle is a joy, it is Christmas spirit in itself, but if in addition to participating you end up being among the winners, you can win if you win the “Christmas Jackpot” 720 million euros. The Second Prize is 225 million euros (1,250,000 euros per series) and the Third Prize is 90 million euros (500,000 euros per series).

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