Dressing well to exercise, illusion or reality?

The gym is a flesh and blood social network, one of the places where you are most likely to meet people of all kinds and meanwhile, enjoy the sport. That yes, already parts of which you have one thing in common, the interest by the sport and the care of the body. Starting from all this display of possibilities, how can we not think about what types of looks are ideal for exercising?

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What kind of shirts to wear?

One of the big mistakes that we usually have when dressing to go to the gym is that we either choose very tight shirts or huge sizes that do not do us justice. What if we bet on a middle ground?

The black color can be your best ally to hide those extra kilos and camouflage them until you burn them all in the gym. Look at the type of fabric of the T-shirt that you buy, that it is breathable and that allows you to sweat without having cruelly conspicuous stains because, as for many it can be tempting because it symbolizes that a great physical job has been done, for others can lead to rejection.

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Therefore, the ideal is that you have at your disposal a series of t-shirts with which you feel comfortable, fresh and fashionable. To give you an idea, in the Sport Zone online store you can find a multitude of t-shirts, of different colors, sizes, shapes and brands, which may turn out to be the perfect solution for you.

Putting on a tank top and allowing your arms to show while you work them is best done when your muscles start to get more defined and you’re more confident. In the meantime, go for t-shirts with a little bit of sleeve that can be tight or a little baggy, depending on what we talked about above.

What pants to use to go to the gym?

Following what we have mentioned previously, it is important that you review yourself and see what aspects you like more or less about yourself, learn to take advantage of yourself and that your positive points stand out above the rest.
In this case, for those of you who have very thick legs, it is preferable not to wear tights or leggings, but come on, beyond that, the main recommendation is that you dress according to the exercise you are going to do. If you are going to do spinning then wear tight short leggings, if you are going to do weight training loose bermuda shorts can be a great option.

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If you like to wear a little color when dressing, it is better that you bet on prints or extravagant colors for the t-shirts and bet on solid colors for your pants, in this way it will be much easier for you to combine them with other clothes and not go out of style.

Failures to avoid and essential

One of the mistakes that you can never have is to use ones that are not suitable. Forget about wearing socks that have drawings or patterns, eradicate them from your drawer for sports so you don’t fall into temptation or confusion.

The best thing is that you bet on sports or solid-colored socks, which reach ankle height at most but are not excessive, they are simply a complement that must go unnoticed. If you’re going to do some type of exercise where you’re going to be barefoot, like a Pilates or yoga class, make sure there are no tomatoes or anything like that.

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One of the essentials is a towel for the gym. It is the perfect complement for your hours of exercise, the ideal ally to remove the sweat from your face and not look like you just got out of the shower. We repeat what we said before, a little sweat can be good, too much turns people away so anticipate.

Another recommendation of those that it is better to never forget is to take a bottle of water with you, it does not matter if it is empty, you will fill it up at the facilities, but it is important that you can recover fluids to be 100% fit.

What happens when I leave the gym?

Friend, never forget that if you attract attention inside the gym, you must also attract it outside. You don’t know who has noticed you and who can expect to contrast how you are on the outside, so take care of your image in the same way and choose a good sporty look.

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Choose a gym bag that matches your usual style so you can get the most out of it, clean up after sweating it out, get handsome and continue to take on the world.

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