Do you know how to get the clothes of the big brands at very low prices?

In the Internet fashion industry , a theme that is very repeated is, without a doubt, clones. By clones we refer to the garments that the big brands put out on their catwalks, which you can have at a lower price. Get clothes from the big brands for less than you expect. You do not believe it? Continue reading and find out.

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The big firms present proposals for the autumn/winter seasons. The designers of all the lowcost stores analyze all those proposals launched by the big firms and based on them they also execute them in their collection for the same season.

The garments that have been very successful, the most outstanding fabrics and shapes will be “cloned” so that they are liked by the great mass and a great displeasure for buyers of that luxury. For this article we bring you the clones for the season.

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  • The first clone: ​​The Burberry coat at a ZARA price
  • This time it is Top Man who clones Burberry
  • The third hair returns for these holidays: Thanks to HEbyMANGO
  • Shoes are not free either

The first clone: ​​The Burberry coat at a ZARA price

The Burberry Prorsum Autumn/Winter collection for 2012/2013 became a complete success. We fashion lovers were hoping that some low-cost store would clone some of the coats we could see in the collection.

Burberry €4,795/ZARA coat €149,

And Amancio had to show up with ZARA to clone this black cloth coat with a fur flap. A garment that is very good to wear on special occasions and that, above all, helps us combat the cold that we are encountering. The price and its difference are worth it, right?

This time it is Top Man who clones Burberry

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Burberry Trench €1,095/Top Man €90

This is one of my favorite pieces for winter, the Trench. Another Burberry classic that is copied by low-cost firms. This time it is TopMan that brings us a very similar one (the one on the right), which has convinced me, at least. With the same structure, however the color is not the same…so?

The third hair is back for these holidays: Thanks to HEbyMANGO

On many occasions we have to spend much more money on basic things, a bit annoying, right? For example, the third hair returns for these parties and to all men’s and even women’s closets. Dolce&Gabanna (which is this time cloned by HEbyMANGO), has made a strong commitment to this type of garment this season. We show you his perfect black blazer for the most special days this winter and party season.

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€975 Dolce&Gabanna / HEbyMANGO €49.99

The shoes are not free either

We also have a trend in shoes and not only in the shapes but also in the textures. On this occasion, Jimmy Choo has launched his new collection with a worn effect on his skin and once again the firm led by Amancio, ZARA, has once again cloned these shoes.

Jimmi Choo €450 / ZARA €59.99

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