The Squid Game Halloween 2022 Costumes for Men | Easy DIY

The Game of Squid has quickly become the most successful series on Netflix . The South Korean series has been a hit and its characters seem to be the main stars of the upcoming Halloween parties thanks to the costumes they wear. Let us now know what the Squid Game Costumes for Halloween 2022 for men are like and how to make them in a simple way.

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Squid Game Halloween 2022 Costumes for Men | Players

The truth is that making a costume from El Juego del Squid for Halloween 2022 is very simple considering that basically the key garment is a tracksuit. This is in case you want to go disguised as a player. If you have already seen the Netflix series, you will know that the plot focuses on a group of people, highlighting the central character of Seong Gi-Hun, who have in common that they are afflicted with debts, so they are all summoned to participate in a series of games based on old children’s games.

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The competition is presented as something apparently simple. The players must overcome six childhood games and of course, like any self-respecting competition, game or sport, they must wear appropriate clothing. In this case, the suit is, as we say, a green tracksuit that also has white strips on the sides, something like the classic Adidas tracksuit that you could customize if you have it at home, but if it isn’t, then you won’t. you worry. In stores like Amazon or also in fashion stores like Primark or Adidas itself, they sell tracksuits with a zip-up sweatshirt and matching pants. Make sure that it does not have a hood and that it is green. In the event that it does not have the side strips, you can sew them yourself or glue them using a bit of white felt for example.

Then you just have to add a white shirt and also with a green border on the neck and on the sleeves. If you only find it in white, that’s fine, it’ll work for you but if you want it to be more realistic, you have the option again to sew a bit of felt around the edges.

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Both to the jacket and to the shirt you must also add a number that identifies you as a participant in The Squid Games. The easiest thing is to paint it with fabric paint in white, or you can also create it with felt and sew each number.

And finally, you will need the shoes. In the series, the participants wear white sneakers without laces. A model similar to the classic Vans and in fact as a result of the series the sales of the white model of this firm have skyrocketed, we imagine that precisely for Halloween.

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The price of a pair of white Vans is currently around 75 euros, so if you don’t want to spend that money, you can always buy some basic white shoes at any “low cost” store such as the aforementioned Primark or Amazon.

With this you can get dressed as a participant of The Squid Game, but what if I want to be one of the vigilantes? Keep reading and we’ll tell you.

Squid Game Halloween 2022 Costumes for Men | Watchers

In the series El Juego del Squid we have the participants on one side and the guards on the other. They are in charge of explaining the games to the players but also of watching them and of course, executing them since all those who do not pass the games that are proposed end up being eliminated. That is, they kill them. For this reason, the vigilantes do not have the sympathy of the fans of the series, however one of them (and we are not going to reveal more about the plot) does seem to have many followers and perhaps for this reason you want to dress up as him this next Halloween.

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On the other hand, the costume worn by the guards in The Squid Game is one of the most original you can wear this Halloween. Something like when two years ago and last year the La Casa de Papel suit was imposed, since in both cases we are talking about a kind of work overalls but that in the Korean series it is presented in pink while that of the Spanish series was red.

In this case then, we are going to need something as simple as a pink jumpsuit. You can easily do it if, for example, you have a pink tracksuit with a hood, although they also sell it on Amazon or Aliexpress precisely because of the pull of the series.

In case you don’t want to spend anything and be creative, we can take pink garbage bags and cover an old tracksuit that you have at home or also, sew it in case you have experience drawing and sewing patterns.

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Special mention deserves the mask worn by the guardians or vigilantes. A black mesh mask that also has a symbol that can be a circle, a square or a triangle, depending on the hierarchy that is established among the guards themselves.

To get the mask we have to say that it is already sold in stores like Amazon, but if what you want is to make it at home, you can take a stocking or a neck gaiter and paint the symbol on it or much more creative: paint yourself the face black and then paint the symbol too.

To complete the costume, nothing like adding a belt, a submachine gun that we can buy at any multi-price store and for footwear, nothing like military boots or black sneakers.

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Squid Game Halloween 2022 Costumes for Men | Overlord

And finally, we also want to talk to you about the being or supreme boss of the series, the one who controls everything from a hidden room and who is dressed in a suit that many fans compare to Darth Vader’s. To make this costume you will need a dark colored trench coat or coat with a metallic effect, to achieve this you can paint it with a metal colored spray.

Don’t forget the mask as well since he has his whole face covered. We can buy the mask, paint our faces or also wear a large mask and sunglasses that cover the entire upper part of our face.

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