Michael Myers Costume from the Movie “Halloween” – Halloween 2022

Michael Myers has been doing his thing since 1978. Then the first movie in this saga was released and he did it in one independent way and much less commercial than how we now know these films. If you are one of those who, when you hear the word Halloween, think of one of the bloodiest and most terrifying sagas in cinema before the next party at the end of the month, surely you want the Michael Myers costume in the movie “Halloween” for Halloween 2022.

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With the recent addition of a new film to the classic horror saga “Halloween”, the murderer Michael Myers returns to do his thing. Surely you want to know how the Michael Myers costume from the movie “Halloween” is made. In addition, we also teach you how to do makeup like Michael Myers step by step.

Halloween returns 2021: Michael Myers costume

Michael Myers is a fictional character from the “Halloween” saga. This is a terrifying six-year-old boy who kills his older sister in the first film, which bears the same name as the saga, ‘Halloween’. In the sequel, he will kill his little sister, as an adult.

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Although the first film began within the independent cinema, viewers were soon attracted by the story of this terrifying character. So much so that today there are already 11 movies and one more to be released next year, video games and even a novel about Michael Myers.

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It is not surprising that it is one of the favorite characters when choosing a costume for Halloween. In addition, it is a fairly easy character to imitate, so it does not require a lot of money or skill. We tell you everything!

Michael Myers costume step by step- Halloween 2022

Being such a long film saga, there are many versions of Michael Myers that are susceptible to becoming a costume. From the 6-year-old boy who committed the first murder to any of the versions of the character in which he is about to die.

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We tell you how to get the adult version of the Michael Myers costume step by step for Halloween 2022. It is surely the most popular and easiest version to get.

You basically need three items: a coverall, a knife, and a mask. Michael Myers always wears a brown jumpsuit that is dirty and torn. He has been through a lot during all the movies and the jumpsuit makes it clear that the development of this character has not been easy. If you can’t get it brown, that’s fine, but go for a dark color if possible.

Myers always kills with a big knife, although he has used an ax on occasion. Better find a knife in the costume shop and paint it red to simulate blood.

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There are many stores where you will find Michael Myers masks just like the one he uses in the saga to kill his victims. Although, as we will see below, you can also choose to put on makeup.

With these few items and comfortable shoes, you’ll be ready to bring Michael Myers one more Halloween to life. You’ll terrify everyone in your path at any party!

How to make up like Michael Myers in the Movie Halloween 2022

The mask is important, especially if it is about this character. However, makeup can also be used to complete your costume on such an important date as the celebration of Halloween 2022. We tell you how to do makeup like Michael Myers in the Movie Halloween 2022.

The material you need to make up like Michael Myers for Halloween 2022 is:

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  • Grey, white and/or black paint that you can get at any costume store.
  • Red paint or artificial blood.
  • Sponges to apply the makeup base and shadows.
  • A brush for gory details.

Michael Myers wears a grayish-white mask with slicked back light brown hair. If you’re going to do your own makeup, you might be able to wear a separate wig, or you’ll have to comb all your hair back and fix it with hairspray or gel.

For the makeup base you have to look for a color like the one we have described. Or you can buy black and white and create your own tone. In addition, black can be used to create different shadows on the face. For example, it will help you highlight the cheekbones with that shape of sagging skin that the Myers mask has. It will also be useful to make up the eye area, making them as dark as possible. Think that in the movies you can hardly see his eyes because they are hidden by the mask, so you must give this area maximum darkness.

The eyebrows are very brown, because it is artificial hair. You can paint your own to give that look and stand out so they look like part of the mask.

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You must not forget about the lips. Surely yours are pink or maybe a little red. This would stand out too much on a face that simulates a fairly neutral mask. Try to make them the same tone as the rest of the face, although they may admit to being a little darker.

It can also be very good that you paint your ears, since the character also has them covered by the mask. However, before you jump in, we warn you that this paint removes very badly in that area. Ears have a lot of nooks and crannies and getting all the makeup off can be quite expensive and time consuming.

If you have chosen to stain the knife with blood or to put stains on the work overalls, you can also choose to make some splashes on your face and hands. So you’ll be a version of Michael Myers who just murdered someone. What do you think of the idea?

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