Did Chris Beard Leave Texas Tech


The past few weeks have been filled with speculation about the future of Texas Tech Head Basketball Coach Chris Beard. After leading the Red Raiders to their first NCAA Final Four appearance in school history, Beard has been the subject of several coaching rumors. In this article, we will explore the rumors surrounding Beard and ask the question: Did Chris Beard leave Texas Tech?


Rumors of Chris Beard Leaving Texas Tech

Since the Red Raiders’ historic run to the NCAA Final Four, rumors have been swirling that Beard may be leaving Texas Tech. After the season concluded, Beard was linked to several prominent college basketball programs, including UCLA and Arkansas. These rumors have only intensified in recent weeks, with many speculating that Beard may be looking to make a move away from Lubbock.

Why Would Beard Leave Texas Tech?

It’s no secret that Beard has been one of the most successful coaches in college basketball over the past few years. In his four seasons at Texas Tech, Beard has led the Red Raiders to a pair of Sweet Sixteen appearances, as well as the program’s first Final Four appearance. As a result, Beard has become a hot commodity on the coaching carousel. With several prominent programs interested in his services, it’s no surprise that Beard may be considering a move away from Texas Tech.

Will Beard Stay at Texas Tech?

Despite the rumors, it’s still unclear if Beard will actually leave Texas Tech. While it’s possible that he could decide to move on from the Red Raiders, the program has reportedly made a strong effort to keep him in Lubbock. In recent weeks, Texas Tech has reportedly offered Beard a lucrative contract extension, as well as other incentives, in an effort to keep him at the school.

7 Tips to Keep Coach Beard at Texas Tech

As Texas Tech fans wait to see if Beard will stay or go, here are some tips to help keep him in Lubbock:

• Show Appreciation: Texas Tech fans should show their appreciation for Beard and the success he has brought to the program.

• Offer Support: Texas Tech should offer Beard continued support and resources to help the program reach even greater heights.

• Respect His Decision: If Beard decides to leave, Texas Tech fans should respect his decision and wish him well.

• Focus on the Future: Regardless of Beard’s decision, Texas Tech should focus on the future and look to build on the success of the past few seasons.

• Celebrate the Accomplishments: Texas Tech should celebrate the accomplishments of Beard and the Red Raiders during his tenure.

• Keep the Momentum Going: The Red Raiders should continue to build on the momentum they have created in recent years.

• Believe in the Program: Texas Tech should continue to believe in the program and the potential for future success.


In the end, the decision of whether or not Chris Beard will stay at Texas Tech will be up to him. While it’s possible that he could decide to move on from the Red Raiders, Texas Tech fans should hope for the best and do what they can to keep him in Lubbock. With the right support and resources, the Red Raiders can continue to build on the success of the past few years and reach even greater heights.

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