Destiny, the videogame that makes you a legend

In Modaellos we want you to always be up-to-date with everything that has to do with fashion, trends , the best footwear and even the best beauty tips, although we are also interested in the latest on hobbies and leisure and specifically on video games. Do you already know Destiny? One of the most anticipated adventures for console next year and that we can advance you with a video that will leave you shocked.

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Destiny, the video game that makes you a legend

For those who have never heard of Destiny before (although I doubt it), we have to explain that it is the new IP from the creators of the Halo series that defines itself as a “Shared World Shooter”, a video game of action and adventure where users create and evolve their character to become legends of their own story for saving the Earth.

Never before has a video game interacted so much with the player. In Destiny we are the ones who create our own story, with which to achieve glory and be a legend.

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If you’ve already been blown away by the video above, and no wonder, you may not be able to wait until spring 2014, when Destiny will be released for PlayStation 3, X360, XOne, PS4, and so on. that we want to give you the opportunity to enjoy it ahead of time.

Now you can be the first to enjoy Destiny. All you have to do is click on the video that you see above, and you will access the Destiny website where you will find an access to be able to reserve the game and thus be able to access the beta version that will be launched shortly and that will take us through the Destiny universe creating our own legend before anyone else.

We know that the beta version of a video game is nothing more than a “demo” of it, but it has also been leaked that the Destiny beta will be treated as a game with its ending; In other words, we will be able to really play and discover what awaits us in one of the most anticipated adventures of 2014.

And you, wish you could become a legend; try it with destiny?

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