Corduroy suit for men: how to wear it and how to combine it in 2021

Because every time it tends to be older the number of people who need a suit for work, the choice about what to choose can become a highly complicated choice. And if we also need to take the suit to the tailor, that can mean more cuts, more fabrics… and more doubts. Luckily, it seems that a classic is coming back for next year 2021: the corduroy suit.

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As many experts say, although it is difficult to say when it became fashionable again, it is believed that we should thank director Wes Anderson for it, who featured it not only in his personal wardrobe, but in his well-known and popular films. Which is why corduroy suits are back in trend.

And it is that corduroy adapts almost perfectly to a much broader movement within men’s fashion, given that, nowadays, it is a trend to dress in a more relaxed, fluid and casual way. Therefore, it is normal that this authentic classic from the 70s has ended up adapting better to our day to day. But, do you still have doubts about how and when to use it? Here are some ideas why you should try on a corduroy suit…

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How to wear a corduroy suit

There is no doubt that the beauty of the corduroy suit is found in its enormous versatility, since you can use it both for work and for a more informal occasion. And what could be the first advice that could be given in this regard? Keep the rest of our outfit simple.

That is, the corduroy suit will already become a kind of statement big enough and elevated enough on its own, so if you also choose different shades, silhouettes and textures, you will end up being overwhelmed.

For example, for a simple look that can work well for both a casual day at the office and even a weekend dinner, you can opt for a white cotton t-shirt and pair it with your favorite sneakers. And for something a little “smarter”, you can try a simple but always nice accessory, like a turtleneck.

You can choose any color, but you just have to make sure of something fundamental: it must not be exactly the same color as the suit. Although it is true that, first of all, it is worth taking into account which shades tend to adapt best to your skin tone. Thus, both navy blue and gray are ideal for everyday, but if you want to go a little bolder, you can choose forest green, rusty orange or much deeper red shades.

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You should also keep in mind that corduroy suits can vary greatly in thickness, as corduroy is available in a wide variety of thicknesses and textures. For example, the width of each individual stripe has some effect on it, so the thinner it is, the slimmer your silhouette will be, and vice versa: the thicker the texture, the more voluminous your silhouette will look.

But if you want to be a little more simple if possible, you can substitute the corduroy suit for a corduroy shirt. A fine corduroy shirt will suffice, which can become an ideal piece to add a little more texture to our clothing. What’s more, it is possible to take advantage of the different color options that are available: from burgundy to mustard, through navy blue or dark green, which, as with suits, are shades that go perfectly with the corduroy shirts.

In short, corduroy becomes an ideal option to adopt a slightly more vintage aesthetic, while maintaining the style. In fact, the ideal is to try to make it a little more modern, opting for example for blazer-type jackets (or bliser) that fall gently on the shoulders, straight pants, and shades of blue, green or brown.

It is a useful option to stand out and dress in a completely different way. And, above all, achieve a completely elegant unique result, as well as casual and innovative, even if it is a somewhat more traditional type of garment.

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