Converse: havaianos models for the summer

Did you know that Converse also dresses for summer this season? We can already find in Converse stores with summer designs such as Havaiano prints and other models that we present below.

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Not only do we change the colors we usually wear or the type of clothing during spring-summer, we also find different models of footwear that remind us that good temperatures, vacations, and exotic destinations are approaching.

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In this brand we find another model with Havaiano print with lighter and more striking colors (predominantly orange) the All Star Hawaiian Print Ox model.

We also find this low-top sneaker from Green Day that may become one of the most acclaimed sneakers for their fans.

We continue with Converse and find another trend in footwear, for this spring summer season we find models in softer colors than what we are used to, colors with “washed” effects and that we find both in low and high cane in multiple colors.

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Specifically, this green one is one of the ones that are selling the most. Which of these would you choose?

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