Contest and new Adidas campaign “Unite all Originals”

For those who, in addition to fashion, enjoy the best of hip music hop or want to try your mixes to participate in the Adidas Originals #droparhyme contest, you can’t miss the video that we bring you.

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Music and fashion have always gone hand in hand. Depending on the type of music that one is passionate about, they experience fashion in a different way and this is manifested in the looks they choose to mark their personality and in the video that you can see below it only shows the beginning:

With this video, Adidas Originals launches its new Unite all Originals campaign in Spain represented by two great music icons creating a fusion of hip hop and electronic mixes that achieve something unique, one of the songs that could become the most popular during the autumn winter season 2013-2014 and, for this, the legend Run DMC has collaborated with the producer and international DJ A-Trak.

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The music becomes a real attraction in this video but if you click on it, it will take you to an Adidas page where you will find the interactive video with which you can create your own version of this song and achieve something unique. You will have at your disposal the possibility of creating voice commands and introducing them into the video at the moment you consider appropriate, if we focus on the graphic aspects you can also add visual effects and animations to the video to give it a much more personal touch.

You can make your own version of the Run DMC theme and participate in the #droparhyme contest until September 20 on Instagram, you still have 4 days to make the most of your creativity and make this great song become the most famous of the next season, it’s in your hands.

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