Contest | 5 Galaxy S4 to pay with your mobile

Since the change in the philosophy of telecommunications, it is really difficult to keep your mobile up to date. The prices without subsidy are very high, so, to brighten up your weekend, we bring you a Contest with which you will win one of the five Galaxy S4 (one of the best mobiles on the market, currently) and, with your mobile, be able to stop needing to carry five credit cards in your pocket.

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The contest consists of sending a slogan for the new mobile payment service and we have found it on the microsite created by Banco Mediolanum:

The contest rules are very simple. A will be awarded to each of the top five slogans for the Mobile Payment service that they are about to launch.

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So that you know a little more about the service and you can be inspired, we put a video. So let your mind flow and inspiration come:

There are a series of clues that they tell us about on their site, which we summarize for you:

1. Up to 65 characters. That is, half a maximum “tweet”.

2. The main idea is that with your mobile you can buy quickly and safely.

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Since there are five mobiles up for grabs, in other words, there will be five winners, I’m going to give you some ideas and introduce you to my slogan.

1. Make it striking. Use words that have power and rhythm.

2. Have emotions. What people like the most is feeling.

3. That is different but close. Don’t confuse it with ten other catchphrases you already know but aren’t written in Klingon either.

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To participate, just go to the microsite and click below the video on I want to participate:

The slogan with which I am going to participate is: “Call, chat, pay (by Banco Mediolanum)”.

What do you think? If I don’t take it but some of you do, I want to see a comment on the post to celebrate it.

Good luck!

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