Complete your winter look with the latest in sweaters for men

In general, under the name of sweater They include all fabric garments with weft points, which have sleeves, are closed and cover from the neck to the waist. It originates from the islands of Jersey and Guernsey, dependent on Great Britain and located in the English Channel.

It was the fishermen and peasants of these islands and surroundings who used a garment thought and designed to protect themselves from the inclemencies of the weather that prevail in those places, especially from the water and the wind that blow strongly during the greater part of the year It was a garment that covered the entire upper part of the body, including arms and neck. The wool with which they made it came, very possibly, from the wool of the native Merino sheep of the region.

Currently, there are various raw materials used to make sweaters, these can be cotton, linen, silk, wool and fleece.

Men’s sweater fashion

Like any textile garment, men’s sweaters are also subject to fashion and annual trends. This winter these essentials are already on the street in every male wardrobe.

In the current season, homage is paid to formality, with designs that aim to transition between an elegant suit jacket and comfort and a freer and more casual character, more sporty, in short, of the sweatshirts.

This year the knitted sweater or jumper will be a recurring element, a kind of lifeboat for all those who like their own, personal style and also understand fashion.

No one escapes the extraordinary effortless value that it offers, that is, how practical it is as a formula to easily achieve a dress with everything that is needed to be perfect in formal dates without excess and gatherings of friends and family with presence. A middle ground that covers a wide range of situations, with the addition of extraordinary comfort.

Two types of sweaters for men to choose from

As with any article of clothing, it is also possible to distinguish between two types of sweaters for men.

On the one hand, a more basic type, which are those who do not depend on the comings and goings of the styles that mark the international catwalks or the great designers. These always stay interesting, never go out of style, remaining year after year as the timeless must-have classics, recurring for any time and place. They are those with a round neckline and fine cotton, those worn by pop icons, like the unmistakable Steve McQueen, or more modern heroes of our time, like Steve Jobs.

On the other hand, the sweaters that have arrived setting trends according to the orders of the market and fashion shows, although their duration is limited and they will be the ones that make the men who wear them stand out from the rest, marking differences in style, character and personality, as well as a certain social status.

Sweaters for this season

The sweaters that men should wear in this autumn winter 2021 – 2022 season to be fashionable will be those with lapel necks, round necks and for the most daring tall ones with a zipper, providing an even more sporty touch to what is shaping up for this whole new season. Intellectual style is king on the catwalk, so the polo-neck sweater is also a must-have.

As for the colors, blue in its full range of shades and subtle grays covering the entire garment, on the one hand, and the geometric shapes on the upper part, in white, black and gray, are the ones that are opening aesthetic path in this year.

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